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Automotive Industry Trailers

"When moving & handling goods on-site, we always choose Action Handling"
All our custom equipment is designed & manufactured to comply with Health & Safety standard regulations

Following some issues regarding safe & secure transport of goods on-site, the procurement initiative of a British Car Manufacturer sat down with key members of its engineering team to discuss the best course of action. Shortly after this, Action Handling were engaged for their expertise regarding Handling Equipment.

One of Action’s experienced Sales Representatives personally visited the team on-site to assess the situation. After some discussions with the 'men on the ground', it was noted that a significant amount of time and manpower was being poorly spent on the transport of vehicles, chassis and large goods. This had a knock-on effect whereby engineers were increasingly unavailable for more important tasks such as assembling vehicles and operating the supply chain to keep up with orders nationwide.

In order to prevent any damages, workmen would have to use platform trucks or smaller trailers, which were illequipped to handle the weight and size of the goods. However, with a short analysis of the daily operation i.e. frequency / size of goods moved, Action Handling were able to put forward a solution to totally eradicate the issue and minimise the manpower required for this part of the operation.

The solution was to design, manufacture and supply a number of bespoke Trailers, which would be tailor-made to suit the automotive industry. As such, each trailer would be rectangular shaped with fixing clamps to secure parts in place, as well as tow bars at either end to allow a "tow in train" effect. Therefore, the front trailer is attached to a forklift truck and as many as 5 trailers (all with loads of up to 1000KG) can be transported across site with only one driver required.

Initially, one "prototype" trailer was supplied for an evaluation trial process, which led to a very successful 1st week in-use. An order for a further 40 units was confirmed and all 40 units are being used in tandem on a daily basis to ensure the safe & secure transport of goods on-site. 

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