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Industrial shelf trolleys can be a highly effective storage solution and help boost efficiency, especially in more office-based professions, where a lot of paperwork has to be transported in-house. Folding net bag trolleys, for instance, are a great help to companies that deal with a lot of incoming and outgoing post, able to carry large volumes of mail and parcels in a safe, effective manner.

For businesses with a lot of workers, too, the traditional canteen trolley and truck is always a welcome sight when it’s time for a break. Trolleys don’t have to be confined solely to office-based professions though; at Action Handling we also have a larger range of more robust trolleys available for more demanding tasks such as transporting more complex materials within warehouses.

Consider the construction industry, for instance, or professions where a lot of parts and tools need to be stored effectively on-site. Heavy-duty tray trolleys are a great way to transport heavier tools and materials across the workspace, while inclined shelf trolleys and mobile container racks are also great at organising much smaller materials such as screws and bolts for more complex projects.

Trolleys and mobile shelving can also be effective storage solutions for a wide range of industries. Garment clothing racks are the perfect fit for workers within the textiles sector for instance, while order picking step trolleys are hugely beneficial for warehouse workers who need to carry various parcels and objects around with them to fulfil orders.

Which is where stock trolleys can also be incredibly useful for companies that need to transport stock and other produce on a minute-by-minute basis. Having the right trolleys and transport systems in place aren’t just a useful to have across a myriad of professional industries. They can be key to improving all-round productivity and streamlining the internal processes of any business.



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