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Pallet trucks are one of the most popular items of lifting equipment that are used in industry. They are often to referred to as many different names : pump trucks hand pallet trucks lifting trucks stillage trucks and colliss trucks but basically they all do the same job namely lifting pallets up from the floor position to then be moved around in a warehouse factory despatch area or goods yard. Pallet trucks start with a capacity of 1000kg but can be increased according to model up to 5000kg. There are many different standard fork sizes available from a length of 600mm up to 1220mm and with an overall width of 450mm up to 685mm. In addition special fork sizes can also be made to suit applications where different sizes of forks are required. The pallet truck operates by the hand pumping of a handle that operates a hydraulic pump this in turn lifts the forks up to a height of 200mm thus lifting the pallet clear of the ground. The pallet truck can also be used to lift other items or transport boxes and equipment as well. There are a variety of wheel options available to suit all applications but the most popular types are nylon rubber polyurethane or cast iron. There are also variations on the finishes that are available. The standard models are epoxy painted but we also supply models that are galvanised or made entirely from stainless steel for use in corrosive environments. The addition of tandem load rollers fitted to the front of the pallet truck facilitates with the movement of the truck over ground that has cracks and small defects in the ground surface. There are also several models that have some specific unique properties i.e.: folding handles adjustable pallet forks quick lift operation and low profile forks for use with lower height pallets. There are also models for use over rough terrain and types to suit the movement of reels & coils of material. Traditionally the pallet truck moves both wooden and plastic pallets.



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