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Proper disposal of cigarette butts in Ash Bins is promoted as both an environmental and health issue. Trillions of cigarette butts become litter every year. While cigarette smoking has decreased, cigarette butt litter remains a problem. The overall littering rate for cigarette butts is 65%. Depending on composition, a cigarette butt can take as short as one month, and up to three years and longer to biodegrade. Cigarette filters made of cellulose acetate do eventually biodegrade, while some environmental groups claim filters containing plastic never fully biodegrade.

Since the anti smoking laws have been introduced it is illegal to smoke in the workplace. Therefore employees and visitors need somewhere to extinguish their spent cigarettes, in a safe and tidy way via cigarette and ash bins.

Wall mounted cigarette bins are manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and butt disposal methods. Units with all-metal construction allow disposing of cigarette butts into a container with no other extinguishing media required.

Tubular cigarette receptacles can be wall-mounted or free standing, of various lengths and diameters. Their simple design allows butts to be deposited directly into the tube, and to extinguish on their own. Usually constructed of metal, no other media, such as sand or water, is required.

Free standing plastic cigarette receptacles are made in a variety of configurations and construction materials, free standing cigarette receptacles come in heavy pre-cast concrete, lighter weight stone/epoxy aggregate and lighter still materials such as polyethylene, recycled plastic and fiberglass. Many free standing cigarette receptacles utilize an oxygen restricting design that extinguishes still burning butts. These style receptacles are usually made of molded plastic, polyethylene and fiberglass, with metal inner liners and metal pails to gather disposed butts.Due to their oxygen depriving design, no additional extinguishing media is generally required. Cigarette butts are deposited through a small opening and drop down a long neck into the collection chamber. The collection chamber typically houses a removable bucket.



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