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Through Work positioners, Ergonomics has been seen as key to providing better operator safety and higher productivity within industry in the last 10 years or so. Employers are increasingly aware that their employees need to be operating equipment in a position that protects both their health and increases their production output. Ergonomic work positioners are a range of lifting equipment and product placement tools that puts the operator at the forefront of these concerns when moving and lifting goods or materials within the workplace. This ensures that equipment is used without the need of the operator bending or stretching in an unnatural way. Ergonomic lifting within this range move goods vertically and in the case of the load tables can also tilt the load from side to side. These machines operate at the lower end of the capacity scale so therefore they are manually operated. Even so our pallet work positioner can move 2000kg up to a height of 700mm. A variety of lifting height ranges are also available on some of the products. The self-levelling truck range provides a very flexible way of both loading and unloading goods without the need to bend down into the truck and then of course you have a way of moving the goods from point to point. This is ideal for assembly line or warehouse work. The table and work stands are great for setting work to a certain height for an operator to use. This can be used in both standing and sitting positions so they offer greater flexibility in using perhaps one item of equipment rather than several. The products are also bespoke in terms of we are able to design and produce various equipment to suit specific applications.



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