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Gantries are a most useful item of equipment for the mounting of a lifting device from which it can then be used to lift all manner of equipment. Gantries can easily be moved from one location to another making them an extremely flexible tool for the movement and location of goods. There are several standard sizes of steel gantry ranging from 500kg capacity up to 5000kg and the standard sizes measure 3m span by 3m height under the beam. However we are able to supply many different sizes to suit a specific application. We can supply parking brakes to immobilise the gantry when in position and also different types of wheeling is available as standard. Our aluminium gantry range is an easily demountable and portable type of lifting device with capacity from 250 Ð 2000kg. Again there are a multitude of sizes options up to a height of 3500mm. These gantry options are great for precisely being able to lift and locate equipment in very light areas like machine tools being lifted out of machines of part assembly of manufactured goods. Loads can be lowered down into exact positions using a chain hoist of similar which can move along the top beam of the gantry as required. The aluminium versions also have to added benefit of being hygienic and easily cleaned so use in the food industry or pharmaceutical trades are particularly popular. The remaining type of gantry is a swing jib crane. These are swinging jib arms that are either floor or wall mounted which facilitate the lifting device being able to deliver the lifting point from overheads. Once again there are many standard sizes and capacities and we have the ability to supply bespoke solutions with this product. Installation of these gantryÕs and jib arms is no problem and we can even modify and adapt them as needed.



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