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Materials goods components and products do not always come in a uniform size. It is often the case that we have to pick up lift and position awkward shapes and sizes in all sorts of places. We are able to supply a huge range of lifting attachments to solve all manner of lifting problems or applications. These lifting devices are usually either suspended from an overhead RSJ or steel load point or they can be suspended from a single hook point like a chain hoist. Some are also fork mounted so that a fork lift truck can move into position with the lifting attachment suspended to carry out the lifting task in hand. Palletiser goods are often needed to be lifted into inaccessible places when a fork lift truck cannot carry out the operation in a tight area. Therefore we are able to supply some crane forks that can hold the pallet whilst it is being lifted from above by say a chain hoist. A large variety of clamps fitted with suspension hooks can be attached to RSJ`s or steel joists in order that a lifting device can be suspended from those clamps. For this operation we have clamps that can be mounted in one place or on a wheeled travel system to be able to move in a horizontal plane. Steel comes in all shapes weights and sizes so there are a variety of clamps that can lift sheet steel tube pipes and other steel sections as required. The building and construction industry has to lift and move concrete blocks cement sections and a large variety of awkward shaped materials so we have a standard answer in how to lift all of these items. We are also able to bespoke make a lifting device to handle any items that require a different method of lifting.



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