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Pallet collars provide an easy and cost effective means of converting an ordinary flat pallet into a box pallet. We provide a choice of three basic types of pallet collars. The most popular is the wooden pallet collar which can be used with 1200x800mm or 1000x1200mm flat pallets. We can also make bespoke sizes pallet collars to suit any size of pallet that are needed. The construction of the pallet collar is from 18mm thick after planed out kiln dried timber. It has galvanised corner hinges to facilitate the folding action which means that when not in use the collars can be stored away easily in a flat horizontal manner. The collars are 195mm deep and can be stacked up to the required height by placing one collar on top of another. They will remain fixed in place by the corner brackets that are mounted on all four corners. This enables your standard flat pallet to become a mini bulk container that can store and transport heavy awkward or irregular shaped loads. We also have our eco-friendly folding pallet collars that are lighter in weight and construction. They are made from corrugated walls with strong plastic hinges at each corner. This means they are splinter free easy to recycle and contain very low moisture content. They are suitable for export without any additional treatments. They are ideal in light weight applications or with our range of presswood pallets. There are 3 standard sizes to suit half euro euro or UK pallets. The third type is our ever more popular plastic pallet collar. These are an extremely hygienic and cost effective way of achieving box pallet storage. They are able to fit onto 1200x800mm or 1200x1000mm pallets and for large quantities we can supply to other specifications. The construction is in polypropylene with 6 reinforced hinges to enable the collar to be stored flat when not in use. Standard colour is black with the option of alternate colours and name/logo embossing for quantity orders.



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