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Pallets & Fork Attachments

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Fork truck attachments provide a way of using your fork lift truck or stacker truck to perform moreversatile tasks. The traditional use of a fork lift truck is to lift and move pallets; but, by fitting yourtruck with a detachable device, you can use the truck to safely lift a much wider variety of productsand materials without the need for palletisation.

The forks themselves can be fitted with extensions to provide better load lengths. Or, commonly,tipping skips and roll forward skips can be mounted directly onto the fork lift, which offers a greatway of moving waste product or loose bulk loads.

Attachments can be fitted to move and clear rubbish and debris, including building materials, wasteproduct and even snow. Detachable brushes can also be deployed to help make light work ofclearing warehouse floors yards and car parks. We also offer magnetic sweeper attachments, whichmeans clearing a floor or outside area of nails, screws or swarf can be done quickly and effectively.

Access to high and awkward areas can easily be solved by using a detachable access platform that ispicked up by the fork lift. This can mean that maintenance and servicing tasks can be carried outeasily and safely without the need for other specialist lifting equipment.

Jibs and hooks can be mounted so that materials can be lifted safely from above; this is oftenparticularly useful when lifting machine parts. Drums cylinders and bottles can also often be liftedusing these attachments, meaning that the workload of the operator is reduced and thereforeproduction is increased.

Many everyday tasks can be made far simpler by the addition of a fork lift attachment. There aredozens of options available ‘off-the- shelf’ which can help to improve the efficiency of your workersand equipment, but if you don’t see what you need here, we can also design and manufacturebespoke fork lift attachments to suit whatever application and setting that you require.

Our range of pallets, whether plastic, metal or presswood, will help you get the essential jobs donein the most efficient ways possible. We stock everything from standard flat pallets, to box pallets,and even pallets with a built-in dolly. Our range includes environmentally-friendly options madefrom recycled materials, helping your business to improve your green credentials, whilst notcompromising on product performance.

If you would like more information or advice on pallets or fork lift attachments, or wish to discuss abespoke project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us online or by phone, on 01279 724989.



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