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Trucks & Trolleys

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Trucks and trolleys are useful in any business where lifting or moving items is required. Our trucks and trolleys come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so we think there is something for every type of application and budget. From simple ways to move products or loads around, to products that serve multiple functions, our trucks and trolleys are designed to help with both every day and specialist tasks.

We provide a wide range of trucks and trolleys to help with hundreds of different applications; whether it’s picking and packing in a warehouse or storage area, moving loads from delivery vans to their destination, dollies for conveying heavy loads around your workplace, trailers for transporting goods and loads from A to B, or turntable trucks for manoeuvring objects with ease, we’ve got a solution that’s right for you.

We provide trucks and trolleys to customers across the UK and beyond; from sole traders to global businesses, small retailers to huge distribution centres, warehouses, factories, hospitals and offices, our products help improve worker safety and efficiency, providing reliable solutions to any material handling application.

We can also design and manufacture bespoke trucks or trolleys if you require something a little different to the ‘off-the- shelf’ options. Our team are experts in producing tailored products that meet your exact needs and solve your workplace problem, and we can offer site visits if needed to fully assess the situation, giving us the ideal level of understanding to produce just the right solution for you.

If you think that you might need some assistance in choosing the right truck or trolley for your application, or wish to discuss a bespoke project, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website, or by phone, on 01279 724989.



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