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Bespoke Electric Platform Trolley

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All equipment is designed & manufactured to comply with Health & Safety regulations

Action Handling was engaged by a top ranking UK university to supply an electric platform trolley that would assist the maintenance department in transporting tools and materials on-site. Initially our client identified a standard model from our catalogue which they were keen to discuss, outlining a few necessary modifications.

The core feature of the bespoke trolley was the safety and security it could offer the user on a day to day basis. The maintenance department intended to use the trolley to transport heavy duty (therefore expensive) tools and equipment across the university campus. Consequently the trolley would need to be supplied with a lockable security cage. However, the trolley was also proposed for use when manoeuvring large and irregularly shaped items, which would be unlikely to fit within the security cage. So, not only would a lockable mesh security cage be required, but the whole thing would need to be detachable as well.

Luke Phillips, of Action Handling, had a lengthy discussion with our client in order to fully digest their requirements and put forth a design accordingly. Our standard HI-POW1580 Electric Platform Trolley was selected as the most suitable product and a fully lockable cage was designed around this (measuring at 1220mm x 1500mm x 800mm as shown, right). The standard trolley would be altered in order to improve dexterity and safety of the trolley.

One x “Bespoke” Electric Platform Trolley
Capacity 500 kg
Platform Height 335mm x Length 1500mm x Width 800mm
Fitted on Pneumatic Tyred Wheels & 200mm diameter Pneumatic Castors (to handle rough terrain)
Fully Detachable and Lockable Mesh Tool Box
One side fitted with hinged doors c/w hasp & staple

The design for the bespoke trolley was approved by the customer and submitted to our production team. Delivery was completed within 3 weeks of the initial enquiry and the trolley is in full use on a daily basis, meeting very positive reviews.

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