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Not every lifting job has to be a heavy-duty affair. There are much smaller lifting jobs that need addressing within virtually every industry and working environment. When people typically think of lifting though, they usually imagine cranes and other complicated equipment designed to haul only the largest materials.

Action Handling has a number of lifting solutions in stock that can indeed help to work with those larger projects such as hand chain blocks and hand chain hoists, but also lifting equipment designed for much smaller jobs that require a strong grip. Suction grips, for example, are a great way to lift glass and other similar materials that are difficult to get hold of and need to be transported within and beyond the professional environment.

Non-slip panel grips can also do a similar job on awkward materials that need two or more people to transport; while polyester round slings can also be beneficial when carrying more awkward shaped items that need to be moved. Similarly, a roller pinch bar can also be a highly useful tool for professional load movers, whether it’s helping people move house or in specific warehouse or office situations.

If you are indeed looking for materials that can help with much larger lifting jobs though, Action Handling has you covered. As well as for the lighter loads, we’re also able to provide tools and equipment for heavy-duty lifting operations that need some extra power and direction. We’re able to provide counterbalanced cranes, for instance, as well as heavy-duty floor cranes; great for providing an additional level of safety when lifting.

Also available at Action Handling are a number of lifting accessories designed especially to provide extra support in construction jobs, such as beam suspension clamps, block grabs, chain slings and much more besides. We’re also able to provide a variety of manhole cover lifters for workers who need to gain access for essential tasks underground.



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