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Light duty stackers are predominantly stackers that are operated by hand. This can mean that the stacker has either a winch operated lift mechanism or a hand hydraulic one. Occasionally some are foot operated and in the lower lifting capacities a small battery pack can be used to lift the load. The operation of these light duty stackers normally takes place in an area that has a good and even floor and generally speaking by the nature of having to push the stacker it does not operate over any considerable distance. Small journeys and light lifting in tight turning areas are typical of the uses for this type of truck. They are easy to manoeuvre so small aisles and crowded storage areas are very suited to their easy turning and moving circle. The wheel arms are important and the dimensions need to be considered for use with different sizes and types of pallets. They are easy to service and maintain so provide excellent value for money at the low cost end of the market in lifting equipment. The physical effort to pump up the manual versions has to be considered as well but for intermittent use this should not be a problem.



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