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Steel pallets are used extensively throughout industry. They form the backbone of many lifting and storage operations. They can take the basic form of just replacing the dear old wooden flat pallet or they can provide a far more elaborate piece of lifting and storage equipment to suit a certain application. We provide a huge range of standard products that can be used to cover most requirements but we also are able to bespoke manufacture pallets to certain specifications and design requirements. Their shape and size are varied as are their construction and finish. They can form part of an overall storage system by using them within a pallet system or they can be purchased to operate on a more standalone platform. We employ a variety of materials from sheet steel mesh to channel and angle sections to construct our pallets and the design will always consider the ease of user operation and practicality to the task in hand. Sometimes the pallets can be stackable reversible or even interlocked and we are able to supply many additional fixtures and fittings that can solve a particular problem to hand. Steel pallets can often be mounted on castors for movement around an industrial facility or more traditionally they have a pallet base used to lift them by pallet truck or fork lift. The capacity can vary enormously dependent on what is needed. Standard box pallets are usually 500kg Ð 1000kg capacity but it is not uncommon for us to produce units that can hold up to 5000kg.



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