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Euroglas Extension Ladders

Action Handling Expert

What Action say - Euroglas Extension Ladders

Use a heavy duty glass fibre Euroglas extension ladder for working in electrical environments. Designed specifically for professionals who require a light weight yet excellent ladder constructed in heavy duty box section. A high degree of weather protection also comes with this product.

The Euroglas ladder is constructed from glass-reinforced plastic and represents the ultimate in GRP ladders. Not only are the box section stiles made of glass reinforced plastic, but also the rungs are manufactured from serrated non-slip, resin matrix glass reinforced tubes, which are fully bonded into specially designed box section stiles. It complies with the EN 131 standard, American ANSI 14.5 and British ESI 13.1. The 'Euroglas' ladder provides a structure which is totally electrically insulated and has a high degree of weather and chemical resistance.

  • Frodal ladder also available in the above size: Fire Resistant Offshore Designed Access Ladder (FRODAL). Please phone for further information.
  • Available with rope and pulley operation.

  • For this product, FREE delivery applies to orders with a net value of over £150 or more excluding VAT.
  • Delivery is free within the UK Mainland excluding Scotland.
  • Orders under £150 will be subject to a delivery cost of £15.00 plus VAT.
  • Despatch is by national carriers using their standard service.
  • Overnight or special deliveries can be arranged so please contact us for details and prices.
  • Delivery to far off lands, islands and even the most unusual of locations including restrictive access delivery can all be arranged so once again please contact us for a price you will be pleasantly surprised how competitive we are!
  • Bespoke products or specially quoted items are charged extra for carriage.

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Euroglas Extension Ladders purchasing options

Ref Description Price Qty
SEG8 Single Section. Height: 2.44m (8'). Rungs: 8. Weight: 8.2kg. £278.59
SEG10 Single Section. Height: 3.05 (10'). Rungs: 10. Weight: 10.4kg. £356.20
SEG12 Single Section. Height: 3.66 (12'). Rungs: 12. Weight: 12.5kg. £426.06
SEG14 Single Section. Height: 4.27 (14'). Rungs: 14. Weight: 14.6kg. £498.02
SEG16 Single Section. Height: 4.88 (16'). Rungs: 16. Weight: 16.7kg. £624.17
SEG18 Single Section. Height: 5.49 (18'). Rungs: 18. Weight: 18.7kg. £647.76
SEG20 Single Section. Height: 6.10 (20'). Rungs: 20. Weight: 22.0kg. £716.57
EG14 2 Section Ladder. Closed height: 2.44m (8'). Ext Ht: 4.2m (14'). Rungs: 16. Weight: 17.7kg. £570.86
EG18 2 Section Ladder. Closed height: 3.05 (10'). Ext Ht: 5.49 (18'). Rungs: 20. Weight: 22.1kg. £699.46
EG22 2 Section Ladder. Closed height: 3.66 (12'). Ext Ht: 6.70 (22'). Rungs: 24. Weight: 25.9kg. £757.82
EG26 2 Section Ladder. Closed height: 4.27 (14'). Ext Ht: 7.92 (26'). Rungs: 30. Weight: 29.6kg. £883.65
EG29 2 Section Ladder. Closed height: 4.88 (16'). Ext Ht: 8.84 (29'). Rungs: 34. Weight: 33.4kg. £1163.88
EG33 2 Section Ladder. Closed height: 5.49 (18'). Ext Ht: 10.06 (33'). Rungs: 38. Weight: 37.1kg. £1312.55
EG36 2 Section Ladder. Closed height: 6.10 (20'). Ext Ht: 10.97 (36'). Rungs: 42. Weight: 40.9kg. £1458.45
TEG20 3 Section Ladder. Closed height: 2.44m (8'). Ext Ht: 6.00 (20'). Rungs: 24. Weight: 26.5kg. £809.81
TEG24 3 Section Ladder. Closed height: 3.05 (10'). Ext Ht: 7.30 (24'). Rungs: 30. Weight: 33.1kg. £986.05
TEG30 3 Section Ladder. Closed height: 3.66 (12'). Ext Ht: 9.10 (30'). Rungs: 36. Weight: 38.8kg. £1166.61
TEG36 3 Section Ladder. Closed height: 4.27 (14'). Ext Ht: 11.00 (36'). Rungs: 42. Weight: 44.4kg. £1355.78
TEG40 3 Section Ladder. Closed height: 4.88 (16'). Ext Ht: 12.20 (40'). Rungs: 48. Weight: 56.0kg. £1776.39
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