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Polyester Round Slings

Action Handling Expert

What Action say - Polyester Round Slings

Polyester round slings are easy to adapt to lifting of awkward shapes or a multitude of different shaped items. They have a high degree of flexibility and are easy to fit around intended lifting materials. They can be used to lift in several different lifting configurations. Softer than standard duplex slings and with a seamless outer cover to be kind to your products.

Offering low weight, flexibility and ease of handling, web slings will provide the ideal solution to most of your lifting problems. All slings are colour coded and additionally have ident stripes to indicate WLL (working load limit). Both duplex and round slings are manufactured to give a 7:1 safety factor, each sling is individually numbered for traceability and supplied with a certificate of conformity. Texspan slings fully comply with the requirements of BS EN 1492:2000, the UK and European lifting sling standard. All slings are CE marked.

  • Round slings are manufactured from 100% polyester. The sling is made up with a seamless outer polyester cover and a core produced from a continuous hank of high tenacity polyester which is hugely strong. They are softer than duplex slings and kinder to delicate surfaces.
  • The length of the sling is circumferential.
  • Extra lengths per metre can be supplied if required.
  • Correct sling selection is an important consideration when planning your lift. The WLL will change depending on the lifting mode used: straight lift, choke hitch or basket lift. Use the factor to determine the correct sling selection. A comprehensive guide covering - correct sling selection, storage, inspection, care and usage is available upon request.
  • Prices include delivery on orders over £150 on this product.

  • For this product, FREE delivery applies to orders with a net value of over £150 or more excluding VAT.
  • Delivery is free within the UK Mainland excluding Scotland.
  • Orders under £150 will be subject to a delivery cost of £15.00 plus VAT.
  • Despatch is by national carriers using their standard service.
  • Overnight or special deliveries can be arranged so please contact us for details and prices.
  • Delivery to far off lands, islands and even the most unusual of locations including restrictive access delivery can all be arranged so once again please contact us for a price you will be pleasantly surprised how competitive we are!
  • Bespoke products or specially quoted items are charged extra for carriage.

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Ref Description Price Qty
08A0010 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 1m. £3.26
08A0090 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 1m. £4.00
08A0020 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 2m. £4.70
08A0170 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 1m. £1413.00
08A0100 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 2m. £6.32
08A0030 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 3m. £5.78
08A0040 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 4m. £6.88
08A0180 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 2m. £8.24
08A0110 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 3m. £8.04
08A0050 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 5m. £8.60
08A0060 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 6m. £10.28
08A0190 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 3m. £11.14
08A0120 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 4m. £10.40
08A0260 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 2m. £10.74
08A0250 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 1m. £7.08
08A0130 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 5m. £12.86
08A0200 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 4m. £14.28
08A0070 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 8m. £12.84
08A0140 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 6m. £15.34
08A0210 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 5m. £17.42
08A0270 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 3m. £15.18
08A0080 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 10m. £15.98
08A0085 WLL: 1 tonne. Length: 12m. £18.84
08A0220 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 6m. £20.60
08A0280 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 4m. £21.66
08A0150 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 8m. £19.58
08A0345 WLL: 8 tonne. Length: 3m. £25.44
08A0230 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 8m. £26.36
08A0160 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 10m. £23.92
08A0290 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 6m. £30.44
08A0165 WLL: 2 tonne. Length: 12m. £28.70
08A0240 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 10m. £32.52
08A0241 WLL: 3 tonne. Length: 12m. £38.54
08A0330 WLL: 6 tonne. Length: 6m. £38.02
08A0350 WLL: 8 tonne. Length: 6m. £48.82
08A0300 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 8m. £40.82
08A0340 WLL: 6 tonne. Length: 10m. £63.94
08A0310 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 10m. £50.94
08A0360 WLL: 8 tonne. Length: 8m. £65.48
08A0320 WLL: 5 tonne. Length: 12m. £60.42
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