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Drum handling can be one of the most labour-intensive jobs around, whether you’re a business working in the drinks industry, are producing and transporting chemical solutions or another sector in which drums are a part. Action Handling is able to provide businesses and their workers with tools and equipment that can improve drum handling safety for staff, streamline the transportation process, improve overall storage and much more besides.

Our bund flooring, bunded spill trays and bunded drum trolleys, for instance, can help workers to move and work with drums whilst also offering spill protection; whilst our bunded steel flooring is especially useful for companies that work with more hazardous and corrosive chemicals and materials. Storage-wise, our covered drum bunds and drum pallets are great storage solutions; the former is easy to assemble and the latter is often considered the most economical way to store and transport drums.

When it comes to transportation, our specialist drum tilters, transport trucks and cradles can help to take the weight and awkward handling aspects away from moving single drums. For companies that need to transport a number of drums at a time, the task can be made much easier with a crane slung drum rotator attachment for cranes, pincer attachments and grab attachments – especially useful for Mauser-style drums.

For smaller drums, lockable storage can be crucial in certain retail situations or other, such as teachers using chemicals in classes in schools and universities. To keep those products safe and secure, Action Handling is able to provide lockable drum stores and fully-bonded storage cabinets for extra protection. To help transport smaller, lighter drums too, a poly work cart that’s lockable and lightweight can also be a useful professional accessory to have.

Action Handling also has a large range of practical accessories to help with drum transportation including swivel drum stands, light- and medium-duty drum dollys, fork-mounted drum grab attachments and much more.



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