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Organise your way to success

Author: Sharon Ensbury/23 January 2015/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, Furnishing premises

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Nicely Organised ShelvesThe start of a New Year is a good time to assess your workspace for opportunities to make positive change. Organisation of supplies, staffrooms and office space is an area where even small changes can make a big difference, so take a moment to look at your business and see where there might be room to improve. It’s often said that being well organised is key to achieving success, something that can be applied to work as well as life. Business coaches and entrepreneurs often tout the benefits of organisation when it comes to doing business effectively and achieving goals, citing increased productivity and employee well-being as benefits of having a well organised workplace.

Health and Safety regulations require hazardous, flammable and toxic materials to be stored appropriately, so make sure your business is compliant – if cupboards are too full, damaged or simply not suitable for use it’s time to look at getting a replacement. Secure and tidy storage for staff possessions can lead to increased peace of mind, while a clearly ordered storage system can enhance productivity, eliminating over ordering of supplies (as you can see clearly what’s needed) and making it easier for employees to access items they need quickly and efficiently. More visible labelling, bay markers and shelving strips are easy to implement but can make all the difference, while installing our ballistics grade rack armour can reduce racking damage by up to 80%. Making positive change doesn’t have to cost a great deal, but can save you much in the long run.

At Action Handling, our wide selection of shelves, racks, storage cupboards and accessories can provide the ideal solution to streamline your business. Our range encompasses all sectors of manufacture and industry, while our personalised service ensures that you’ll get the equipment that’s right for you. And, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can make it for you – our bespoke service has designed specialised items for all areas of industry.

So think big. Design your space to optimise the way you work. Look at those empty walls and put them to good use. Update staff storage with smart lockers. Separate items with our clever basket and rack shelving systems. Label to your heart’s content. Let the team at Action Handling help you work towards success. Visit our range online, or call one of our friendly sales staff and we’ll help you to find exactly what you need.  For regular Action Handling updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter,  Sign up to our monthly newsletter for company news and information.


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