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A buyer’s guide to drum handling equipment

Moving and storing drums safely

drum mover Moving the drums around in small confined areas is another process that requires careful consideration. The simple and most economical way is by using a drum dolly or drum truck.

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How to climb stairs with a heavy load

Stair climber sack trucks can prevent injury and damage to goods

stair climberManually moving loads on even a flat surface can be an arduous task at the best of times, but factor in the additional effort to complete this task up or down a flight of stairs and the task can become extremely physical not to mention having a far greater risk of injury. Narrow stairways, twisting stairs and small landings can all present dangers. The risk extends from the individual carrying out the task itself, through to injury of dropping goods on people using the stairs below and of course to the accidental damage to the goods in question.

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The movement of awkward loads

Reduce the risk of injury by using the right equipment

sack truckHuman nature often leads us to act in haste but needlessly means we sometimes end up repenting at leisure! We have all tried at one time or other to pick up some awkward load that we wish we hadn’t. Either we end up with a back injury, suffer a fall or damage the load in question. If we had stopped for one minute to ponder what help was at hand, then we might well have saved ourselves from avoidable anguish.

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Adapting forklift trucks and stackers ...

... can offer great benefits

drum attachmentBusinesses are often faced with the need to provide new or additional materials handling or access procedures in order to deal with trading expansion, health and safety implementation or new legal requirements. It is very easy to overlook the existing equipment that you already have within your organisation, that could easily be adapted to suit the task in hand.

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It’s just a pallet truck …

… aren’t they all the same?

pallet truckWhen you normally think of pallet trucks you think of a helpful tool that moves wooden or plastic pallets around a warehouse or factory floor. Well, of course they do predominately do that, but there are also a whole variety of other styles that are designed for many different tasks or uses in less traditional environments.

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Reel lifters

The benefits of owning one and what you need to consider before purchase

light duty stackerWhilst every company is unique in its own way, the work problems it can encounter on a daily basis are often shared throughout industry. Action Handling has a 48 year trading history, during which it has accrued a fountain of knowledge, so when it comes to finding solutions for work problems, we can often pull on previous projects completed for other customers with similar hurdles to jump.

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Better to be safe than sorry when handling gas cylinders

Helpful advice for moving and storing dangerous cylinders

gas cylinder handlingBefore buying cylinder handling and storage equipment it is important to understand and assess how different types of cylinders need to be handled and also to establish the actual requirements of individual gases by identifying them in the first place.

01 October 2018/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (1035)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.3

The benefits of investing in equipment

Trucks and trolleys

hire or buyAs your business grows, chances are your equipment requirements will grow with it, requiring investment in larger items to meet your needs. Sometimes it can seem easier to hire equipment in the short term, but it may be better in the long term, to invest in your ongoing growth by purchasing rather than hiring.

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Increase speed and efficiency in your warehouse

The man hours lost in your warehouse can seriously jeopardise the effectiveness of your business as a whole.

warehouse boxesThe man hours lost in your warehouse can seriously jeopardise the effectiveness of your business as a whole. A goods inwards delay can prevent the timely manufacture or assembly of finished products and similarly delays in the picking and despatch of those products will mean that your customers will not receive goods on time. What can be a generally accepted first class product can be completely let down by poor warehouse planning.

22 February 2017/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (2304)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0

Why use a bendy conveyor?

Flexible expanding gravity conveyors


Conveyors for awkward spaces There are many trade names covering this product but at the end of the day it is a conveyor that can be bent around corners or obstacles, it is flexible throughout its length, it can expand in length to suit an application plus you have the option of having the conveyor fitted with either rollers or skatewheels. Sound confusing….well it is not really, it`s just a matter of choices that best suit a situation.  

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Keeping Up With Increased Demand

shopping trolley and mouseFrom 2013 to 2014 e-commerce sales increased by 20%, and the pattern looks set to continue in 2015, with changes to e-commerce and consumer ordering being cited as one of the leading industry trends this year. Demand is becoming more varied, with consumers ordering smaller item-specific purchases within a tighter delivery timeframe, as most e-businesses now offer delivery in less than 24 hours. Such specialised ordering means that suppliers now have to provide individual deliveries more quickly than ever before, so having your supply system as streamlined as possible is an essential part of staying competitive within a rapidly growing and changing industry.

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