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A buyer’s guide to drum handling equipment

Moving and storing drums safely

drum mover Moving the drums around in small confined areas is another process that requires careful consideration. The simple and most economical way is by using a drum dolly or drum truck.

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Is tool theft out of control?

Prevent the thieves from stealing your livelihood

tool storageOne of the most frustrating and annoying thefts is that of having your tools stolen. Not only are you losing your precious and prized tools, but you are also having your livelihood put on hold and or even at risk. Despicable as it is, the thieves seem to have no qualms about preventing a fellow man from going about his work and providing for his family.

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One wrong decision can be costly!

How to choose the correct pallet racking system

pallet rackingChoosing pallet racking for your business can be a very tricky exercise. There are so many options, styles, sizes and basic considerations that you need to factor into making the correct choice. Most decisions on whether to use pallet racking are based on either the need to use a more economic method of storing pallets at your facility, the need to improve the speed of delivery of pallets to customers or the improved use of the pallet contents within your own business..

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Better to be safe than sorry when handling gas cylinders

Helpful advice for moving and storing dangerous cylinders

gas cylinder handlingBefore buying cylinder handling and storage equipment it is important to understand and assess how different types of cylinders need to be handled and also to establish the actual requirements of individual gases by identifying them in the first place.

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A Winning Choice

Storage solutions for a sporting goods retailer

A winning ChoiceHigh-street retailers generally offer a wide range of quantities and sizes of goods, which can lead to storage issues. Coping with ever-changing stock and seasonal variations can turn a carefully designed stockroom into a difficult to use and highly inefficient area.

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Thinking Ahead

Making Informed Choices For Shelving Systems

thinking aheadWhen looking at buying any shelving system it’s a good idea to think ahead of your present specification. In our forty years experience supplying the materials handling industry, we’ve found that customer requirements can change within a very short space of time.

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Archive Shelving

Creating a shelving system for a top tier investment bank in London

Archive ShelvingWhen a high-profile London based investment bank needed to store a vast amount of company records at one of their sites, they contacted Action Handling with a request to assess their requirements and provide a solution. We sent one of our experienced sales representatives to visit the premises where they measured the allocated room, formulated a shelving design layout to best utilise the space and offered a quotation accordingly. The shelving system selected was the Connect 2 system, which offers both a very quick installation and lead-time from the manufacturing process. In addition, the fact that the system could be easily reconfigured to suit the space was another deciding factor.

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A chain reaction

Shelving procurement requirements

A Chain ReactionWhen you introduce a shelving or racking system into a warehouse, you’ll require other associated material handling equipment, a fact that is often overlooked when making the decision to implement these systems. We strongly urge customers to contact us prior to purchase, in order to discuss the complete package of equipment that may be needed. Even taking into account that either a stacker or a fork-lift truck will be required, these items require a level of operator training and a comprehensive maintenance program to support the on-going efficient use of the machine.

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Stacking up the benefits

Getting the most out of your available warehouse space

Stacking up the benefitsMany small businesses, particularly those in the retail industry, require secure space on site in which to keep stock, equipment and essential documents. Making the most of the space you have by using an efficient shelving and storage system helps to keep operations running smoothly, and using the correct type of storage equipment is key. Getting the most out of your available warehouse space, properly utilising warehouse shelving and buying products in bulk are all easy ways for small businesses to make the most of what’s available to them.

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