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Site and transport safety

How to stay on the right side of the law

transport lawStaying conversant with current health and safety law can be a difficult and time consuming task but have you considered that you may also need to be up to date with road traffic law too? If your business delivers goods, then a full understanding of the laws governing their safe transport and handling is a must.

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Making an entrance!

Creating a safe, clean workplace

matKnock on the door, ring the bell, ring it well, wipe your feet and walk in.  It’s a rhyme I was recently reminded of, that my great grandfather shared with us as we grew up. I am sure if you are from the Sheffield area, it’s a rhyme you might have heard of too. It then got me thinking about entrance matting and how it relates to the rhyme.

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Limiting slips, trips and falls at work

The most common cause of injury in the workplace

falling manAn analysis of work injuries across all job types, shows that slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of physical harm. The degree of harm sustained depends on the hazard in place and the height at which it occurs. A simple stumble can result in anything from a minor mishap to a serious accident which may involve dangerous machinery, or even a person falling from height to death.

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Choosing the right B2B company

More than just a web shop

websiteWhy you should choose a company that offers much more than just e-commerce.

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Adapting forklift trucks and stackers ...

... can offer great benefits

drum attachmentBusinesses are often faced with the need to provide new or additional materials handling or access procedures in order to deal with trading expansion, health and safety implementation or new legal requirements. It is very easy to overlook the existing equipment that you already have within your organisation, that could easily be adapted to suit the task in hand.

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Why choose podium steps over step ladders or access towers?

podium stepPodium steps are considered a safer method of low-level access than conventional stepladders and platform steps. They comprise of a climbing ladder frame but fitted with a 360° fully enclosed working platform area and normally come with the option of having outrigged stabilisers fitted in order to increase base stability.

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One wrong decision can be costly!

How to choose the correct pallet racking system

pallet rackingChoosing pallet racking for your business can be a very tricky exercise. There are so many options, styles, sizes and basic considerations that you need to factor into making the correct choice. Most decisions on whether to use pallet racking are based on either the need to use a more economic method of storing pallets at your facility, the need to improve the speed of delivery of pallets to customers or the improved use of the pallet contents within your own business..

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A buyers' guide to cash & carry trucks

“Three wheels on my wagon and I'm not rolling along!”

cash & carry trolleysThe UK's ‘Cash & Carry’ grocery wholesaling trade was first reported as starting in June 1957 with the opening of Vye and Son in Ramsgate, a subsidiary of the Home & Colonial Group. But Lawrence Batley is widely accredited as the originator of the concept in the UK and in April 1958, L. Batley & Co. of Huddersfield opened a large 30,000 sq. ft. modern cash & carry warehouse which was by far the biggest of its kind to date.

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Now that's a smart idea!

Money saving PVC strip curtains

pvc strip curtainPVC strip door curtains are a very cost-effective way to save your business money and improve working conditions. They can be introduced both internally and externally around your buildings with the minimum of ease.

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Nature's litter and how to deal with it

Who'd have thought that leaves on the line was a plausible excuse!

autumn leavesStunning colours! But if you have company premises, then falling leaves can be a big problem to handle. There's no escaping them, even at home the decaying foliage becomes an unwanted headache to have to deal with.

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Avoid unnecessary equipment failures and stay on the right side of the law

Protecting your investment

Equipment contractsSometimes we are just all so busy that we overlook the simple things in business. Maintenance and servicing of equipment is an area that is often overlooked, yet with a little help from your friends at Action Handling Equipment this can be a scheduled event that you do not have to worry about.

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We just love to moan about it … the British weather!

But it's time for businesses' to develop strategic planning for it

too hot to workWere you prepared when the temperatures soared? Why is it that UK companies never quite seem to get ahead with extreme weather planning? In the latest heat wave, suppliers across the country ran out of fans, air conditioning units, water coolers and even cold drink machines. To avoid this happening again, Action Handling advise their clients to put in place a strategic plan to cover all the seasons and all the possible extreme weather problems that can happen.

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Will a risk assessment keep you out of court?

Controlling the risks in the workplace

fall from heightThe HSE (Health and Safety Executive) say that a risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you should identify sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace.

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Avoiding squashed tomatoes

Creating a safe work environment

access platformWhilst farmers are well adept at growing, picking, processing and packing their fruit and vegetables, ready for delivery, when it comes to making a work site safe, they need assistance. Action Handling have lots of experience with this industry and we were glad to be able to help a Kent based grower.

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Five common workplace injuries

... and how to avoid them

work injuriesFigures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that an estimated 4.5 million working days were lost in the UK in 2015/16 due to self-reported workplace injuries. Whilst the general trend is that the number of reported injuries occurring at work is reducing over time, the HSE also note that due to the widespread underreporting of incidents, those figures are likely to be considerably higher in reality.

18 October 2017/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (1194)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.1

Keeping the right side of the law

Lifting and lowering equipment safety

servicing lifting equipmentAccording to LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations), a lifting operation is defined as 'an operation concerned with the lifting or lowering of a load'. The load can be any item, including people, and the equipment used to undertake this operation is defined as 'lifting equipment'.

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Keep outdoor spaces clear of cigarette butts

Littering is a growing problem and cigarette butts a major contributor - we need to provide bins and help stamp it out.

cigarette buttsFew things look more unsightly around your workplace than discarded cigarette butts, yet it’s estimated that 79% of all public places in the UK are blighted by them. Since the smoking ban which prohibits smoking inside any public space came into force in 2007, littering is a problem which seems to have escalated.

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Avoid a potential disaster

Cylinder storage

cylinder storage
Cylinders are generally awkward to handle, move, position and then place in storage. By their very design they do not lend themselves to being exactly user friendly. However, companies would be well advised to consider the general implications that the use of cylinders have within the work place.

The first issue is to establish and recognise what type of gases the cylinders are actually containing. Identification and recording of the results should be a part of your risk assessment within workplace safety procedures.

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Birds driving you batty

Who will win you or the birds?

Birds cartoonSo who is smarter, you or the birds? That is a question that commercial building owners are often left scratching their heads over. Early Spring is the time when you should not only think about but indeed put into action your preventative measures to help dissuade birds from roosting or nesting on and around your buildings.

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Cleaning up

cleaning up

We often cite Health and Safety requirements in our blog posts – after, all, they are an integral part of doing business in the UK. The information we cite is for general purposes only – each business should have their own policy in place and all staff should be aware of what it is. However, there are several basic rules that can apply to most companies, such as:

  • Proper staff training
  • Using the correct equipment for the job
  • Keeping equipment maintained and up to date with regular safety checks
  • Providing a clean work environment


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When things get heavy

Various types of heavy lifting equipment

when things get heavy

Having to move heavy goods and products is a part of most handling industries, whether in factories or distribution companies. However, not all heavy lifting is created alike – depending on the business and goods to be moved, lifting equipment specific to the task at hand is crucial to completing the task.


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A gritty winter’s tale

Keeping your workplace safe over winter

A Gritty Winters TaleWinter is coming. Oh, I don’t mean

that sort of winter – rather an onslaught of snow and ice and freezing rain coming down from the north. It’s a different kind of magic that winter brings, one that makes pavements and car parks such dangerous places, turning vehicles into weapons and unwitting pedestrians into ice dancers.




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Shelving and racking safety checklist

We’ve made one so you don't have to

Shelving And Racking Safety ChecklistYour warehouse health and safety checklist is important to maintain because it ensures a solid framework within which staff should operate. When staff spend several hours a day working in pallet racking areas it’s extremely important to manage health & safety in order to avoid serious accidents. The only way in which an employer can make their premises less prone to accidents is through a comprehensive assessment and production of a safety program, and every business should have a health and safety checklist to help identify any risks in the work environment and how best to reduce them.

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Pest control

Use of ultrasonic scare devices

ultrasonic pest control deviceWe share this planet with a multitude of creatures in the air, the water and the ground. Seeing animals in their natural habitat is a wonderful experience, and there are whole tourist industries built up around doing so. However, there are also times when we don’t want to share our spaces with animals – when keeping them pest-free is essential to safe working conditions.

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Drawing a line

Safety barriers in the workplace

Drawing a line picture of a barrierIt’s the responsibility of every employer to provide a safe workplace for their employees, combining training, implementation and physical safety features to minimise risk. At Action Handling, we supply a vast range of different items designed to improve safety on site, as well as maximise employee productivity and workflow. One area in which we specialise is the supply of safety barriers and markings. When you have a workplace that combines personnel with workplace vehicle access, it’s vitally important that separate areas for each are created and clearly marked, to eliminate the risk of accident.

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Bad weather preparation

ploughThe bad weather period is upon us again! How many times do we get caught out in this country waiting until it’s too late to make proper preparations for what could be several days or many weeks of bad weather disruption?  Clearly businesses need to have specific plans in place that can be used to avert the problems caused by such events. A business continuity policy should have ‘bad weather’ inclusion to ensure that your company can cope with a crisis.

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Safety spills - how to prevent them and how to clean them up

Prevention of hazardous spills should be the initial aim so the correct identification of chemicals and materials that constitute the label of being hazardous should be the first challenge. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) gives good information on what constitutes being hazardous and  explains how to control hazardous substances at work and comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002.

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