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Choosing the right B2B company

More than just a web shop

Author: Dee Jones/10 July 2019/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Creating safe working conditions, PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements, WORKPLACE ADVICE, Maintenance

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Whilst some companies choose to only have an online presence, others have a much wider existence in the business world. There are companies who can offer more than just a web shop and have years of trading that have helped establish their reputation for being knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable. There is nothing more infuriating than not being able to speak to someone when your needs are urgent. Web only businesses often only allow contact via email, so you can be left waiting hours or even days for a reply to a question that would take minutes to sort out through a phone call. In the day to day running of businesses, time is of the essence. Leisurely searching the internet for business products isn’t an option so if you need some pre-sales advice, purchasing from a company with all forms of contact makes total sense.

Methods of contact for a company that values its customers:

  • Online live chat - for immediate questions during working hours about products and delivery costs.
  • Email - ideal for requesting on-site visits to discuss help with projects or give full details to the sales team to provide quotations.
  • Telephone - for free advice and support from dedicated sales staff who can help you make an informed decision about product suitability. 
  • Any of the above methods - for after-sales discussions about order progression, delivery schedule and any post delivery issues, dealt with by an experienced customer services department.
welding bespoke products

When off-the-shelf just doesn’t cut it
Another positive from choosing an all round company, is that when standard products don’t fit your criteria and bespoke is the answer, they can provide the perfect solution. From initial discussions to design, drawings, costings and fabrication. Coupled with after-sales care, you would be treated as a valued customer and not just another e-commerce sale.


You’ve made the purchase but where to now?
When it comes to machinery purchases, a company needs to ensure that its investment is looked after. The law requires that you must regularly service lifting equipment, personnel height access equipment, in particular anything that uses hydraulics. Purchasing from a company that also provides servicing, maintenance and repair, makes good sense. They know the products well so should offer an excellent service, especially if they provide on-site attendance for larger equipment. If items are small, they would probably be transported back to base for attention and returned to you in good working order, you should be offered the choice if the company is reputable.

What extras you should expect from a well established company?

  • They will go that extra mile for you. 
  • Their staff will be a fount of knowledge that can be tapped into at any time for free! 
  • They'll be in a position to give health and safety advice regarding best working practises. 
  • Ideally they will keep you informed about up to date new equipment, show you case histories, give compliance updates plus keep you abreast of all the latest innovations and interesting tips for help in the workplace. The most likely avenues for this type of information are through social media, newsletters that you can sign up to receive and searchable articles that are collected together on the company’s website.

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