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How to socially distance whilst in a sitting position

Fast move for a logistics giant

chair with tableWe are living in very strange times. Every day brings yet another challenge to test us all, both individually and collectively. Things that we took for granted just a few weeks ago are no longer just as straight forward. This was clearly highlighted this week by one of our long-standing customers.

09 April 2020/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (57)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0

Counter Screen Protectors

Coronavirus protection help

acrylic screenCoronavirus (Covid-19)
The events of the last few weeks has made us all acutely aware of how important safety through hygiene and personal protection is needed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have amazing key-workers including staff behind counters at supermarkets, pharmacies and hospital administrators who are facing customers multiple times a day.

03 April 2020/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (64)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.7

Anti-bacterial wipes are a must

Action keep calm and help UK industry

hand wipesThese are extraordinary times and our absolute priority is to ensure the health and safety of our customers and employees.

30 March 2020/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (93)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.7

How to lift a manhole cover

Save time, effort, damage and personal injury

manhole cover with menManhole covers or maintenance hole covers are removable plates that form the lid over an opening of a manhole. This is an opening that a person can pass through or maintenance can be conducted from. It usually gains access to a utility vault, pipe or void and can be rectangular, square or circular, whilst coming in a whole variety of sizes.

04 October 2019/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (283)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0

The movement of awkward loads

Reduce the risk of injury by using the right equipment

sack truckHuman nature often leads us to act in haste but needlessly means we sometimes end up repenting at leisure! We have all tried at one time or other to pick up some awkward load that we wish we hadn’t. Either we end up with a back injury, suffer a fall or damage the load in question. If we had stopped for one minute to ponder what help was at hand, then we might well have saved ourselves from avoidable anguish.

23 September 2019/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (245)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.5

Why choose podium steps over step ladders or access towers?

podium stepPodium steps are considered a safer method of low-level access than conventional stepladders and platform steps. They comprise of a climbing ladder frame but fitted with a 360° fully enclosed working platform area and normally come with the option of having outrigged stabilisers fitted in order to increase base stability.

28 May 2019/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (291)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0

How to reduce manual handling injuries

Musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace

HSE guideMusculoskeletal disorders (MSD) now account for over a third of all work related illness and the loss of more than 10 million days each year. Although often associated with back pain, the term MSD covers a wide range of ailments and can affect joints and tissue in many parts of the body.

12 March 2019/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (354)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0

Will a risk assessment keep you out of court?

Controlling the risks in the workplace

fall from heightThe HSE (Health and Safety Executive) say that a risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your work, could cause harm to people, so that you can weigh up whether you should identify sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace.

22 August 2018/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (519)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 3.7

Safety when welding, don't become a statistic!

Are you taking all the necessary precautions?

weld arc

With the recent release of Health and Safety statistics at work for Great Britain in 2017/2018, it is interesting to see that 12,000 occupational lung disease deaths each year are estimated to be linked to past exposures at work.
08 January 2018/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (397)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0

Five common workplace injuries

... and how to avoid them

work injuriesFigures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that an estimated 4.5 million working days were lost in the UK in 2015/16 due to self-reported workplace injuries. Whilst the general trend is that the number of reported injuries occurring at work is reducing over time, the HSE also note that due to the widespread underreporting of incidents, those figures are likely to be considerably higher in reality.

18 October 2017/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (1281)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.1

Safety treads and decking

Reducing slips and trips

safety treadsSafety of personnel in environments where there are slippery surfaces is absolutely vital. When a sub-contractor of British Waterways noticed an increase in injuries and sick-leave at one particular site, they decided to investigate.

25 April 2017/Author: Dee Jones/Number of views (1652)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.0

Anti-fatigue mats

Standing for lengthy periods causes general fatigue plus health problems

Anti Fatigue MatsAnti-fatigue mats are predominantly used in industrial and commercial working environments to provide worker comfort. Standing for lengthy periods of time during your work shift on hard and sometimes cold floors causes general fatigue plus health problems such as poor blood circulation, aches in joints, and pains in feet, hips and back. Standing for long periods is also bad for health because of the strain on the lower limbs. The problems caused with feet can include corns, bunions, flat feet and heel spurs. Medical professionals also link standing for long periods day in day out to varicose veins. These causes to health problems can be easily reduced by providing a comfortable working environment, and anti-fatigue mats also reduce slips, trips and falls. As we know slips, trips and falls mean a decrease in staff productivity, absenteeism and ultimately can cost employers millions of pounds each year.  

23 May 2016/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1374)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.8

Position perfect

Work positioners take the strain out of lifting

position perfectIn the modern workplace, employee Health and Safety is an ongoing concern. Providing the right equipment, environment and training is key to keeping staff at their best, as well as your business in compliance with the law. However, despite new information and training, back injuries are still one of the most common workplace incidents, especially in warehouse and handling environments. Lifting incorrectly is a common contributor to such accidents, through over-reaching, cutting corners to save time, or by simply not having the correct equipment in place.

15 November 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1162)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Take a load off

Stairclimbing trucks

Take the Load OffManual materials handling carries a risk of strain and injury to employees, so is governed by the Manual Handling Operations Regulations. These are designed to apply to a wide range of manual handling activities such as lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling or carrying, including the movement of loads up or down stairs, a common occurrence in many workplaces.

25 August 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1148)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Lift me up

Maintaining a healthy back and strong posture is beneficial throughout our lives


know your limits imageMaintaining a healthy back and strong posture is beneficial throughout our lives, allowing us to stay active for as long as possible. The British Chiropractic Organisations recommends managing back health by incorporating daily stretches and movement and taking care of any issues as they arise, rather than letting them get worse.


01 June 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1372)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Standing up for your health


Standing up for your health imageThere’s been a lot of discussion in the media recently about the benefits of spending more time standing while at work. Sedentary desk jobs have been shown to decrease life expectancy and increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, even if you do take regular exercise in line with daily recommendations.


15 May 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1003)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Safety first

Personal protective equipment

safety first imageWhen you think about it, we humans are a complex and ingenious bunch. If an activity is dangerous yet also offers a benefit, rather than consider the danger and avoid the activity, we choose instead to work out ways to protect ourselves. Helmets, padding and, in extreme cases, body armour, have all been devised to minimise the risk and maximise the experience.

24 April 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1198)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 4.5

Taking charge

Personal safety and responsibility

Taking charge in the workplaceWe’ve written a few posts recently discussing employer obligations when it comes to providing a safe workplace for employees. Sufficient training and supervision, equipment suited to the task at hand and implementation of procedures are all part of the process. In the end, however, it comes down to the individual employee to work responsibly, employ correct equipment and act in a safe manner at work.

07 April 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (977)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

Over and over

The pain of RSI

Article about RSIRepetitive strain injury, or RSI, can be defined as pain or discomfort caused by repeating the same physical task over and over again. It’s also a growing area of concern for many businesses, with almost half a million British workers affected with pain or musculoskeletal injuries, according to recent statistics.

19 March 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (1049)/Comments (0)/ Article rating: 5.0

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