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Why choose podium steps over step ladders or access towers?

Author: Dee Jones/28 May 2019/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Personal safety at work, Creating safe working conditions, Safety when working at height , PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Height access, WORKPLACE ADVICE, Gain elevation

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We should start by explaining exactly what podium steps are. They are considered a safer method of low-level access than conventional stepladders and platform steps. They comprise of a climbing ladder frame but fitted with a 360° fully enclosed working platform area and normally come with the option of having outrigged stabilisers fitted in order to increase base stability. There are a large variety of styles and designs available with most being constructed in aluminium, mild steel or fibreglass. The enclosed working platform area is accessed by means of a safety gate or hinging mechanism so that the operator is ‘locked in’ on the platform and cannot accidentally fall out of that area. Platform sizes range from 500mm height up to 2500mm, with an effective reach of up to 4.5m.

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Step ladders and platform steps are excellent tools in the right circumstances but if you have a need for a more heavy duty alternative then look no further than podium steps. They are far more comfortable to operate on than using step ladders which can be very tiring if used for any length of time. They are also far more stable and rigid than platform steps which can often feel a bit unstable and generally have the need for a second person to hold them whilst in use. Podium steps are very easy to move around without the need to be dismantled like an access or scaffold tower. Access towers again are an excellent means of providing high level safe operator usage but this obviously comes at a cost. So it can be easily considered that podium steps are a good intermediary item of access equipment that fits between the other available options.

  • Extremely safe to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy to store away
  • Available at highly competitive prices

The Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR) have no minimum height requirement for work at height. Any risk of fall is considered an activity where there is a need to control the risk of personal injury. Assessing the risk is obviously extremely important and careful consideration should be given to this task. A helpful guide in the manner of the Health and Safety Executives toolkit is a very good starting point to provide you with the necessary understanding of your legal obligations.

working at height


There are many varieties of podiums, step ladders, platform steps and access towers available, so we would strongly advise that you study the options available and speak to an expert before purchasing your items of equipment.

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