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Work positioners take the strain out of lifting

Author: Sharon Ensbury/15 November 2015/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Personal safety at work

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In the modern workplace, employee Health and Safety is an ongoing concern. Providing the right equipment, environment and training is key to keeping staff at their best, as well as your business in compliance with the law. However, despite new information and training, back injuries are still one of the most common workplace incidents, especially in warehouse and handling environments. Lifting incorrectly is a common contributor to such accidents, through over-reaching, cutting corners to save time, or by simply not having the correct equipment in place.

There have been a lot of recent media articles about the benefits of movement while at work. Remaining sedentary for much of the day has now been recognised as a major cause of ongoing health problems, so whether it’s standing at your desk or taking regular breaks to walk around the office, staying active is key. If you’re already in a role that requires you to move regularly, such as shelf stocking, stock management or any other kind of warehouse handling, keeping active isn’t a concern. However, moving correctly should be. Over-twisting or stretching your back puts strain on the muscles and ligaments supporting your spine, which can lead to gradual damage over time. Lifting weights that are too heavy, misplaced, or lifting with your back rather than using bent knees can cause instant and serious strain injuries requiring months of rehabilitation.

There are no specific weight restrictions on what is or is not safe to lift within the workplace. Instead, the HSE recommends that each task be assessed on the ability of the worker and the equipment available. It further recommends that loads be placed at an optimum level for lifting, and that, if manual lifting is required, workers are trained in the correct position and method to avoid injury. We always recommend checking with your own workplace safety procedures as well, just to be sure.

Action Handling has had over forty years experience working with the materials handling industry providing the latest equipment to companies across the UK. We carry a range of ergonomic work positioners designed both to increase productivity and ensure that workers are in the best possible position to access and manage lift loads. Our range of lifters can move loads vertically, as well as tilting from side to side if necessary, so that workers avoid having to twist or bend beyond their range of movement. Whether it’s trucks, tables or work stands you require, our flexible range of options offer you a safe, reliable lifting service. And, if you can’t find exactly what you need, speak to our bespoke steel manufacturing team and we’ll make it for you.

For more information about our product range or bespoke steel fabrication service, give us a call - our friendly sales team  are here to help.

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