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Coronavirus protection help

Author: Dee Jones/03 April 2020/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Personal safety at work, Creating safe working conditions

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acrylic screen

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The events of the last few weeks has made us all acutely aware of how important safety through hygiene and personal protection is needed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. We have amazing key-workers including staff behind counters at supermarkets, pharmacies and hospital administrators who are facing customers multiple times a day. Customers are also similarly aware that they have to visit food shops and pharmacies, so they also need equal counter screen protection as well. Some workers are finding that it is not always possible to practice social distancing in order to fulfil their job roles and so we are working to provide a range of protection screens for counters. Our acrylic counter screen protectors can’t claim to completely protect people from a virus but by being able to position yourself behind a screen, this should help to limit the risks.


acrylic screenPharmacy Counter Protectors
The acrylic screens that will help protect those behind the counters have bespoke cut out sections for passing out medications plus we are also able to tailor some other special features to the screens if you need them. We can provide the best fitting and fixture solutions to work alongside your existing counter set up. This will also help because only a minimal cost will be required to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.


acrylic screenSupermarket Counter Protectors
The acrylic screens are an economical, made-to-measure counter protector solution. They are great quality, great value and are made right here in the UK. They can be fitted to your existing checkouts and will provide the protective screen that your counter staff and customers deserve.


acrylic screenFood Counter Protectors
If you are currently operating a food service through this Coronavirus crisis then you will need to increase your measures to protect not only the food but also your staff and customers alike. Our food screen counter protectors were already being used by shops, restaurants and cafés across the UK before the advent of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). They are made from hard wearing acrylic and are an economical option to increase safety protection during these difficult times and well into the future.


acrylic screenAdministrative Virus Protectors
Administrative staff are dealing with customers, patients and enquiries with face-to-face contact over a counter. Doctors surgeries and hospitals already have protective screening in place but if you don’t then we can help. The screens are completely tailor made for your purpose, right here in the UK. They offer a fast, economic and effective solution to the issues we are currently facing.


Stay safe, we are in this together and the team at Action Handling is on hand to help.

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