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Anti-fatigue mats

Standing for lengthy periods causes general fatigue plus health problems

Author: Sharon Ensbury/23 May 2016/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Personal safety at work, WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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Anti-fatigue mats are predominantly used in industrial and commercial working environments to provide worker comfort. Standing for lengthy periods of time during your work shift on hard and sometimes cold floors causes general fatigue plus health problems such as poor blood circulation, aches in joints, and pains in feet, hips and back. Standing for long periods is also bad for health because of the strain on the lower limbs. The problems caused with feet can include corns, bunions, flat feet and heel spurs. Medical professionals also link standing for long periods day in day out to varicose veins. These causes to health problems can be easily reduced by providing a comfortable working environment, and anti-fatigue mats also reduce slips, trips and falls. As we know slips, trips and falls mean a decrease in staff productivity, absenteeism and ultimately can cost employers millions of pounds each year. 

Anti Fatigue MatsStudies show that up to 80% of the workforce that stand for long periods carrying out their duties suffer from backache, headaches, poor circulation and some form of foot, knee or leg problems. If the worker was standing on an anti-fatigue mat during the eight hour work shift that worker would reduce tiredness by up to 60% and be far more comfortable compared to being on the hard floor. The anti-fatigue mat encourages the operator to have a far better posture and ensures that the feet are insulated from the floor and protected from any extreme vibrations if working alongside machinery that has seen absenteeism levels plummet by as much as 30%.

On top of this remember, 20% of accidents within the working environment are caused by slips, trips and falls so again having matting in place adds to a safer working environment.

Specialist Anti-fatigue mats or matting come in many forms and styles: 

  • Light duty- for use in dry areas tend to be manufactured from closed cell vinyl foam and have anti-trip bevel edges and for extra awareness can have yellow safety boarders.
    Anti-fatigue closed cell pvc sponge mats tend to be used to relieve leg and back discomfort and have ribbed surface and have anti-trip bevels for safety.
  • Medium duty – tend to have an extra thick mat with a chequer pattern surface with tough vinyl dyna shield coating to provide 50% extra wear resistance. 
  • Heavy duty – Are manufactured from premium vinyl sponge, creating a slip resistant deck plate surface bonded to dense sponge to optimise worker comfort again yellow edge option is available for safety awareness. 

In work areas where the conditions maybe either wet or oily then the matting will be a 100% nitrile cushioned rubber with anti-slip backing and bevels on all 4 sides, closed cell foam construction that helps prevent absorption of fluids and the anti-microbial properties help prevent mould, mildew and bacteria. 





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