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Staff and visitor welfare stations help to combat Coronavirus

COVID-19 - Protecting welfare in the workplace

Author: Dee Jones/20 May 2020/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Personal safety at work, Creating safe working conditions, PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements, WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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We are having to get used to very different rules and guidance in our daily lives regarding the Coronavirus epidemic. This is no more illustrated than in the workplace with businesses having to adapt their working practises and define policies that allow for social distancing and safe practises. Indeed, the front entrance to a building is now being seen as the first line of defence. Whether you are operating a company that only allows your employees within its confines or a utility that faces the movement of the general public, then the front door or entrance point has become a very important place to ensure that the risk of virus infection is limited and more importantly well managed. 

hand sanitising station

Freestanding hand cleansing facility, can be placed indoors or outdoors

Personnel Welfare Stations can easily be set up to help with the limitation and management of the COVID-19 risks. This will ensure that staff and customers can sanitise their hands or be temperature tested before they enter the building. The World Health Organisation gives good advice on the fact that regular washing of hands is very important in the fight against infection and we now know that it has become the bedrock of vital protection against coronavirus.

foot operated hand sanitisers

Foot operated hand sanitiser, minimises risks

Safe hand sanitisation can be made available by the sensible positioning of specialist stations that become an obvious point of use for customers and staff alike. These stations can be used for the dispensing of hand gels or soaps which are the essential ingredients for good hygiene control. In situations where the flow of people is increased, then a foot operated unit would help to speed up usage levels and ensure that queues or crowds do not form. 

welfare station

Welfare testing stations positioned at entrances for maximum safety to staff

Temperature testing is a key element where we can quickly establish the possible risk of infection of our staff and customers from passing through entrance points. The welfare testing station allows you to carry out a quick and simple test where the result is presented immediately by using a digital thermometer.  
digital thermometer   
These simple examples of welfare equipment can be instrumental in helping both UK industry and our public bodies with the return to work and easing of lockdown restrictions.


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