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Safety first

Personal protective equipment

Author: Sharon Ensbury/24 April 2015/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Personal safety at work

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Safety First – Personal Protective Equipment


When you think about it, we humans are a complex and ingenious bunch. If an activity is dangerous yet also offers a benefit, rather than consider the danger and avoid the activity, we choose instead to work out ways to protect ourselves. Helmets, padding and, in extreme cases, body armour, have all been devised to minimise the risk and maximise the experience.


And so it is in the workplace as well. The Industrial Revolution and technological advances have led to workers being exposed to hazardous chemicals, moving machinery and hard materials all in a day’s work. As Health and Safety regulations evolve, so too do our workplace responsibilities, leading to the development of Protective Personal Equipment for just about every type of work situation. Of course, taking steps to minimise risk and exposure to hazardous conditions is part of providing a safe workplace, but for those situations where extra protection is still needed, using PPE should be standard practice.


Hazardous materials handling gear is specifically made to provide a barrier between the employee and the substance involved. It includes eye guards, gloves, breathing masks and full body suits, all constructed from materials designed to withstand contact with corrosive and harsh chemicals. Innovations such as rubberised fabrics and seamless construction have made for even safer equipment, prioritising employee well being.


Reflective protective gear performs a different function in the workplace, rendering employees more visible in high traffic or dark work conditions. The most common example would be the high visibility fluorescent reflective vest, suited to a variety of situations and environments. Restraints and harness kits offer added security when working at height, while hard hats, safety goggles and earplugs are another layer of protection with uses across a wide range of industry.


And finally, there’s general work wear. Made from tough, hard wearing fabric and incorporating reinforced seams and extra stitching, this gear is designed for added durability when working with paint, hardware, or in an environment where clothing will take a lot of punishment. Sometimes, this style of clothing steps outside the workplace and into the wider world – Levi’s jeans started out as reinforced work trousers for cowboys, lumberjacks and railroad workers before evolving into the iconic denim brand it is today.


At Action Handling, we carry a wide selection of Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Clothing. Check out our range online, or speak to one of our friendly sales team.

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