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Safety barriers in the workplace

Author: Sharon Ensbury/30 March 2015/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Creating safe working conditions

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It’s the responsibility of every employer to provide a safe workplace for their employees, combining training, implementation and physical safety features to minimise risk. At Action Handling, we supply a vast range of different items designed to improve safety on site, as well as maximise employee productivity and workflow. One area in which we specialise is the supply of safety barriers and markings. When you have a workplace that combines personnel with workplace vehicle access, it’s vitally important that separate areas for each are created and clearly marked, to eliminate the risk of accident.


Whether at a loading dock, parking area, warehouse or external work-site, the installation of barriers is one of the best ways to create a safe work environment.

When you have a space where loading and unloading takes place, inevitably you will have people and vehicles working in the same area. It’s therefore imperative that procedures are in place to minimise risk. In loading dock areas, Health and Safety requires that there be enough space for the vehicle to manoeuvre and unload safely, and it’s recommended that the loading bay area edge be clearly marked and sit slightly lower than the vehicle itself. Only essential personnel should be in the area when vehicles are unloading or loading, while secure guardrails and barriers should be in place to prevent falls and accidental ingress into the area.


One of our recent bespoke steel projects involved creating a mobile access platform for a leading car roof box manufacturer. After several incidents during the loading and unloading process, it was clear to the company that they needed to implement a better system to prevent risk of employee injury. After consultation and a site assessment, Action Handling created a secure, fully mobile loading and unloading platform, complete with guardrails and non-slip flooring and fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations.


Warehouse work often involves personnel and vehicles operating in the same area, so creating a clear pathway for pedestrians separate to any vehicle access is also part of Health and Safety regulations. We supply a large range of barriers for use in such situations, making it easy for you to set up safe practice within your warehouse or work area. And finally, don’t forget about your outside spaces. Temporary external work areas can be easily controlled using rope or plastic barriers, while more permanent installations such as bollards, kerbs and line markings can be used to separate vehicles and pedestrians.


So if your barriers aren’t quite up to scratch, give us a call and see what Action can do for you and your business, visit our range online or contact our friendly sales team.

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