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When things get heavy

Various types of heavy lifting equipment

Author: Sharon Ensbury/20 November 2015/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Creating safe working conditions

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Having to move heavy goods and products is a part of most handling industries, whether in factories or distribution companies. However, not all heavy lifting is created alike – depending on the business and goods to be moved, lifting equipment specific to the task at hand is crucial to completing the task.


Today’s wide range of lifting equipment is designed for convenience, allowing staff to move heavy goods in the safest and most productive manner. One of the main benefits is the avoidance of ongoing health issues among staff due to heavy lifting – with the right equipment in place, accidents and undue strain can be avoided. Another benefit to investing in heavy lifting equipment is productivity, reducing the amount of manpower required and protecting goods during packaging and transit.

So which type of heavy lifting equipment does your business need? We’ve put together a list of the most common pieces from our range or, if you can’t find what you need here, give us a call. Our bespoke steel manufacturing department are able to modify or create equipment specific to your needs.

Lifting Slings are available in several types including chain slings, wire rope slings and web slings, and can be used in several combinations. Web slings are more suited to light lifting while the tougher chain slings are essential when heavy lifting is required.

Pallet Trucks are perfect for moving heavy items around the workplace, while their small size makes them easy to store and manage on the floor.

A Jib Crane is a semi permanent crane with a fixed column, yet allows for 360 degrees of movement, making it a flexible option for businesses of all sizes.

A Mobile Gantry features a movable framework and hoist attachment, and is especially popular with smaller businesses, as it can be configured to suit specific space and lifting requirements.

Overhead Cranes are permanent heavy-lifting equipment commonly used in large industries. Fixed in place, it lifts and moves loads along a track by remote control. Overhead Cranes require sufficient ceiling space, so if unsure, consult with our sales team before purchasing.

Lifting Hoists come in several different types, mainly differing on their functioning mechanism. Used to lower and raise loads, models include a ratchet lever hoist and a chain block hoist. Consult our sales team to find the right lifting hoist for your requirements.

For more information about our product range or bespoke steel fabrication service, give us a call - our friendly sales team  are here to help.

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