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Use of ultrasonic scare devices

Author: Sharon Ensbury/27 July 2015/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Creating safe working conditions

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We share this planet with a multitude of creatures in the air, the water and the ground. Seeing animals in their natural habitat is a wonderful experience, and there are whole tourist industries built up around doing so. However, there are also times when we don’t want to share our spaces with animals – when keeping them pest-free is essential to safe working conditions.


The simple fact is that you don’t want your business, office or warehouse infested with unwanted animal life. Bird droppings and nests can soil merchandise, damage building facades and harbour germs, while rodents can cause untold destruction by chewing and consuming items, plus, once they’re in your wall space, they are difficult to find and remove. Pest removal and eradication can be costly and also inhumane, with poisons often taking several agonising days to work. One of the most humane ways to keep your business pest free is to use an ultrasonic bird scarer, dissuading birds and other unwanted creatures from taking up residence in your space.


Ultrasonic scarers work by emitting high-pitched sounds not audible to human ears. However, to birds and rodents these sounds are unpleasant and irritating, dissuading them from taking up residence in your business without doing any lasting harm. However, it is recommended to avoid or minimise use of ultrasonic scarers in areas where young children are, as their ears are more sensitive and may be able to pick up the sounds. It’s also advised to check the building does not house any bat populations. Many types of bat are considered protected species and so disturbing them may result in legal issues or fines. If you do have bats in your warehouse or office space, check your local regulations before going ahead with any sort of removal or scaring device.


When installing an ultrasonic scarer, keep in mind that ultrasonic sound waves travel in a straight line, rather than around objects. Position your equipment so that it can target roosting or perching areas for maximum results, or consider a multiple speaker unit if you have a large space to cover. Flashing strobe lights can also be effective, but can be distracting to people in the area, so ultrasound offers the least disruptive solution.


Action Handling supply a variety of bird scarers, ranging from simple ball shaped floats with moving eyes to ultrasonic systems powerful enough for use outdoors.

Whether you have a hotel, warehouse, office or garage, keeping your business pest-free doesn’t have to be scary.

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