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Making Informed Choices For Shelving Systems

Author: Sharon Ensbury/19 October 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Stock storage, WORKPLACE ADVICE, Goods storage

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When looking at buying any shelving system it’s a good idea to think ahead of your present specification. In our forty years experience supplying the materials handling industry, we’ve found that customer requirements can change within a very short space of time.

If there is the possibility of a premises move or site relocation, this should be considered at the time of the initial purchase. Look at whether the system can be easily modified or added to, and whether it will be suited to any new environment. Another thing to consider is whether the type of goods to be stored will change in the future. The size, weight and method of packaging can all have an influence on which type of shelving system you select.

If the goods become palletised this means that you will probably end up needing pallet beam racking instead of a conventional hand loaded shelving system. Most shelving systems can be added to in terms of additional bays or extra shelves but it is very difficult to increase the bay height effectively and at a reasonable cost. We would advise that a 3-year storage plan is put in place to manage business requirements over the course of usage.

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