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Author: Sharon Ensbury/22 February 2016/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Stock handling

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From its humble beginnings in the mid nineteen twenties the Wholesale Warehouse more latterly known as the Cash & Carry, although the first street appearance of the term is widely accredited to Lawrence Batley who didn't open Batley's Cash and Carry in Huddersfield until 1958.

The notion of the customer settling the invoice in cash and carrying away the goods themselves has somewhat moved on since those early days but intrinsically the process is still a physical selection of goods, payment by an agreed method and then transportation of those goods to the customer’s premises. From day one the use of manual handling equipment has been important in providing a means to move bulk goods around the wholesale warehouses.

There are some important considerations to take into account when providing unskilled operatives (the public) the best equipment to use for the task of transporting his goods. The nature of the building layout needs to be evaluated as does any gradients, ramps, doorways or obstructions. The potential loading capacity of any equipment is also very important and the type of wheeling that is best suited can often get overlooked if the best advice is not sought. Whilst there are traditional favourite trolleys for cash & carry available off-the-shelf but very often we find that something designed for a specific site is preferable and after a period of consultation a better answer can always be sought. A good example of this is a trolley that was designed for a customer who wanted a more aesthetic looking product, combined with a top folding basket tray to hold smaller items.

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