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Author: Sharon Ensbury/05 April 2016/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements

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Economy Key CabinetsMany facility management companies are finding that key storage on industrial sites is becoming a major security issue. Whether it be manufacturing plants, construction sites, office blocks or even for the more public of places like schools, sporting venues, community halls, shopping centres, hospitals and hotels……..key security must be taken as a strategically planned and risk assessed procedure. Appropriate key and padlock storage systems are used to ensure you never lose keys again and also to enable managers access to control keys on site by the use of key security cabinets. An index system within the units supplied will mean that any site manager or authorised personnel will be able to collect the correct keys every time as they are numbered and colour matched for fast identification.


Key cabinets are just about the simplest and best way for giving secure storage for your keys and with the added benefit of varying levels of security you can provide an easy solution to a common problem. The old saying of “you get, what you pay for” obviously applies to key cabinets as well as anything else. There are many budget key cabinet options but do not expect them to carry the same level of security as higher cost key safes. That said of course, there is also very  little point  in paying for more security than you need. This measure can be applied in principle for selecting the appropriate lock type, there is little point selecting a very expensive lock on a budget key cabinet. Key locks have disadvantages such as lost keys or the keys actually being copied. If you want more than one user to be able to use the cabinet at any one time a combination lock that can store multiple combinations may be the best solution. Key cabinets hold from 20 to 600 keys and deep constructed cabinets are suitable for bunches of keys that take up more room. There are also specialist cabinets designed to hold padlocks as well.

To view some popular ranges that are available please have a look at the following link: 

Show me all the types of available key cabinets

Key Storage CabinetTo help you understand key cabinets a little better we have broken down the levels of key cabinet security below:

  • Key store – low security
  • System cabinet -   medium security                
  • Key vault - medium/high security


The types of locks that are available are laid out as follows:

  • For the key store the standard lock is a cam lock with two keys  alternative options available are a hasp lock to take a padlock along with a range of mechanical and electrical combination locks.
  • For the key vault standard locking is a deadlock with 5-pin Euro profile cylinder & 2 keys, mechanical and electronic combination locks are available with the electronic combination locks allowing up to 8 users.
  • Key safes as standard are secured with a three-way locking mechanism, shooting 20mm bolts and using a VdS approved lock, although you have the option of fitting a combination or electronic locking system, mechanical and electronic combination locks are available with the electronic combination locks allowing up to 8 users.




Key Storage Cabinet Loops

There is also some very good Home Office advice on protecting your business at the following link:


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