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Three-in-one sack truck

One product that does three jobs!

Author: Sharon Ensbury/07 June 2016/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Stock handling

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With such an array of hand trucks and trolleys flooding the industrial market place it can sometimes be totally baffling to know which sack truck or trolley to select for your workplace or indeed even home use. The choice seems endless from folding foot, fixed toe plate, mesh infill back, curved back the list of different variations of the product are vast and that’s before we even get into the realms of handles and wheeling, So to find a sack truck that can perform a host of applications there may well be a very savvy choice.


The three in one sack truck gets its title because it can simply convert from sack truck to four wheel sack truck to a platform truck without the need or use of workman’s tools. A simple and easy to use safety catch enables a safe and quick transformation so the truck can be set to each of the three available modes.


three in one sack truck flatthree in one sack truck on two wheelsthree way sack truck on four wheels





These trucks are strong and versatile and have a multitude of uses that are ideal for use in offices, warehouses, schools or the home. With correct manual handling around the workplace being more important than ever it is important to ensure that you have the correct ‘tools for the job’ or in this case……the correct truck!

The three in one truck can be explained as a multi position trolley that can be used in any of one of three positions.

  • In the upright position as a conventional sack truck
  • For heavier loads in the 45 degree position with rear stabilising swivel castors for extra support.
  • In the horizontal position as a platform truck

These trucks are usually fitted with two large 200mm-250mm diameter roller bearing tyres on a sturdy axle at one end and then two 125mm swivel castors at the opposite end that helps to support and navigate the load from points A to B.

To convert the truck between the three modes is very quick, simple and easy to do with just a few seconds needed to make the alteration. This can then make the truck user friendly and a true great all-rounder.

So in brief the benefits are:-

  • One product can do the job of three separate pieces of equipment.
  • Easy to convert from one position to another.
  • Reduce storage floor space by storing upright as a sack truck.
  • Extremely versatile for moving furniture, white goods and heavy boxes.
  • Strong and robust carrying loads of up 300kgs
  • Reduces manual handling

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