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Adhesive tapes

Quality tapes, so less waste!

Author: Sharon Ensbury/23 June 2016/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, Goods protection

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When I mention adhesive tapes, straight away you are probably thinking sellotape! The fun you had in your childhood making space stations or princess castles out of mum’s old Rice Crispies cereal boxes, Fairy washing up liquid bottles and empty toilet paper rolls. Sticking them all together with an endless amount of tape to create what you see in your mind as a pure masterpiece. You would feel that you had constructed something far greater than the pyramids.

As an adult how frustrating is it to try and find the end of the tape. Just when you hit that tiny lump and are ready to scream eureka ! you gently tug the piece and it comes off in small shards and deliberately wants to hold your day up. Once again there you are turning the tape round and round,  running what’s left of your nail along the surface, trying to find the end Grrrrrr !!!!  The frustration as you fail to find anything like the end on what seems like the thirteenth lap of the circumference or the adhesive tape going clockwise then anti-clockwise.  Then you are taunted further by the roll as you find false joy in finding another bit only to pull it off and realise it was a short bit of tape stuck around the roll and yes you have to do yet another lap!!!  Who recognises this performance?

Adhesive tape comes in many forms and is a very important part of the packing process in the world we live in today. Clear tapes, Brown tapes, single coloured tapes, multi-coloured with company logos and messages, they all provide the basic necessity of securing goods in transit. So how do you choose which tape is best for you?

With all adhesive tapes, the basic rule of thumb is this:  the higher the micron the stronger the tape. Polypropylene adhesive tape is a great everyday tape - it is a cheaper alternative to vinyl and is perfect for sealing all the cardboard boxes you have ready and waiting to be shipped out the door. Vinyl adhesive tape is a stronger more adaptable type of tape. It is more expensive than polypropylene but it is much more useful. As well as sealing cardboard boxes polypropylene adhesive tape adheres to glass, wood, aluminium and many plastics. As an added bonus it leaves no sticky mess when removed.

A common question we are asked by our customers is how long can adhesive tape last and how should it be stored to prolong it's life expectancy. We strongly advise that customers store polypropylene and vinyl adhesive tape for no longer than 6 months from purchase. It should be stored in a dry place between 18-21 degrees. Low noise tape such as polypropylene tapes, can be stored for 12 months.  If the adhesive tape is stored below the recommended temperature,  ensure you bring your tape into a heated room 24 hours prior to use. The tape adhesive can then adjust to the correct temperature for dispensing and adhering, otherwise you will find the lack of adhesion and problems in dispensing. Gummed paper tapes just for the record and the adhesive glue gun sticks can be stored for several years without any with no adverse effect on the performance. Adhesive tape should also be kept in a dry and moisture free environment and away from direct sunlight and dust.

Adhesive tapes come in a selection of widths, most popular ones are 19mm, 25mm, 38mm,50mm and 75mm.

coloured adhesive tape Coloured adhesive tape









Low noise Polypropylene packaging tapes – reduce noise, which makes this tape suitable for busy or confined packaging areas where the constant noise can be an irritation to other staff members or visiting customers. These tapes are recognised by their shiny finish and slow release.This tape is very durable the aggressive water based acrylic adhesive sticks instantly to paper and board surfaces and is resistant to UV light and temperature change down to -20 degrees once applied.

Polypropylene tape is shiny, difficult to tear, requires a dispenser or knife to cut and it is noisy coming off the roll. It doesn’t stretch.

Vinyl packaging tapes stick instantly to all paper, board surfaces as well as glass, wood, aluminium and plastic matt finish. It is quiet coming off the roll, has a slow release and has elasticity.

To help maintain quality control and with product identification or promoting business brand many companies look at a complete range of vinyl tapes printed to assist in meet requirements such as ISO9000 that may have Q.C.REJECTED or QUARANTINE  printed on the tape in a very clear font and alert colour. Tapes can be different colours to colour code parcels that may be dangerous, fragile, corrosive, flamable to name a few. Customers may request pre-printed easy to read messages on the tape to ensure their parcel arrives safely with handling instructions such as “do not cut” or” fragile” or personalised tape can advertise the brand.

As you can see adhesive tape is not just a useful product.  It doubles up as advertising your company, conveying your brand image ensuring the recipient will instantly recognise your packages.

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