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Wheelie bins

Kings of the recycling world

Author: Sharon Ensbury/12 July 2016/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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As I loaded up my collection of wheelie bins, grey for general waste, blue for paper and plastic then stubbed my toe on the black sheep of the wheelie bin family the brown compost waste bin with yet more waste from a highly enjoyable weekend with my nearest and dearest I wondered just how much rubbish we produced per household in the UK? Well it turns out to be rather a lot unsurprisingly, Almost one tonne per household which is pretty much a Nissan micra each per home, that’s without taking into account large events which we attend and produce a mountain of waste such as sporting events, pop concerts and industry waste, no wonder the wheelie bin is very much an everyday essential especially as our  household waste increases by 3% per year, so on that ratio our waste at home in 17 years will be two Nissan micra's.  

The fortnightly collection of household waste is something we all take for granted and really don't pay much attention to other than trying to recall which bin is to be left out and not walking the footpath of shame as you clock your neighbour has put blue bin out and you have just walked out the collection point with the grey bin, we have all done it. The two wheeled bin is probably the one we think of as this is the one our local councils use to recycle and dispose the waste we produce at home. The two wheel bin has undergone a number of product changes in particular paying attention to areas subjected to higher stresses during the lifting and tipping cycle on the waste collection carts. The shaping of the body front wall increases the overall strength and rigidity of the bins body combined with the reinforced axle housing and solid steel axle, the modern day wheelie bin design ensures that the bin will consistently withstand the pressures of the current waste management procedures throughout its lifespan.

Two wheeled bins are UV resistant and come in a number of sizes Mini bin 80Litres, 120 litre, 140 litre, 180 litre,240 litre and 360 litre

Business also needs to handle its waste but the two wheeled bins would be filled to capacity in next to no time, so a larger commercial/trade waste wheeled bin is available again manufactured in high quality low pressure process polyethylene it has a rugged, robust design and construction.

Four wheeled bins are designed for the collection of general waste and recyclables. The robust nature of the body makes it particularly ideal for commercial, industrial and construction applications. The separate collection of recyclables and residential waste has seen a hike in the use of wheeled bins over the last decade and again the design of the four wheeled bin has evolved to help withstand the consistent pressures of the present day waste management procedures throughout its lifespan.

These bins are equipped with side lifting trunnions and a lift moulding so they can be lifted mechanically by the bin lifter on waste collection carts or trunnion lifting equipment.

Each bin is equipped with well-placed handles to ensure ease of transfer and are ergonomically placed, each bin is fitted with front wheel brakes and solid rubber tyres so the bin is secure when on uneven ground.
The four wheeled bin comes in 660Litre, 770Litre and 1100Litre sizes

Most bins are Grey for general waste- but the range is complimented with other colours which tend to be in the main Green for recycling – Blue paper waste – Yellow- medical waste. But other colours are also available as well as galvanised metal bins.

A variety of optional extras are also available to the wheeled bins they range from drop-front doors, lid locks, fork-lift pockets, tow bars paper slots, logos, markings and recycling apertures.

Again like its little two wheeled brother the four wheel bins are UV resistant.

These bins have become incredibly vital in our everyday lives to ensure that our streets, towns and cities are kept clean and tidy and that we as a nation are trying to play our part in making the world a greener and better place.

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