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Bicycle racks

Ditch the lycra

Author: Sharon Ensbury/05 August 2016/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements

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On my travels around the country visiting industrial estates and business parks (I know living the dream!) one thing has started to stand out, the increase of cycle racks and bicycle shelters outside offices, factories and production plants. I guess with parking at an all-time premium and a strive for a healthier life-style and bosses being more open to funding for such items these days I suppose it makes sense that as a nation we look at alternatives to the car and public transport.


I get the benefit of cycling to work, saving money and the planet and of course the big benefit to our own health, cycling is a tremendously good way to keep fit and if you ride into work your morning slice of wholemeal toast with butter and morning brew is burned off in 30 minutes and of course if your body is fitter then your mind is brighter too making you alert and ready for the working day ahead and the lovely thing about cycling is that you don’t always have to follow the main route take a slight detour and your journey is suddenly fresh and fun.

The bike racks, stands and shelters come in a sliding scale of basic design to the very grand shelters, cost saving wall mounted bike racks that simply bolt to the wall are a simple cost effective way of securing individual bikes with a choice of 90 degree or 60 degree left or right angles these budget racks are made from mild steel and are powder coated.

Pillar racks are a very sturdy great value for money rack that grips the wheels. Bikes can be stored at two levels with the ramps to the upper level (ramps are bolted on) typically you would see these at the train station, which is another way possibly to get into cycling, maybe you could cycle to the nearest station, leave your bike on a pillar rack and use the train then into work if you live a considerable distance from work.

Claw racks are stand-alone racks that house up to 12 bikes per run and typically used at primary schools or for small business enterprise centres and are bolted to the floor and constructed from tubular steel.

Traditional racks are very much the ones we all used at school with a twin level rack design so the bikes can be stored in the most economical way possible.

Hoop racks are becoming more popular and tend to be in areas like outside of shop fronts, library’s and used by small to medium size companies to provide safe storage area for staff.

Wall mounted shelters are a very cost effective means to store up to 8 bikes without the need for expensive ground work to install. Apart from the front two supporting legs, all other parts can be drilled and bolted to a brick or stone wall.

Traditional shelters are by far the most common on site for business users as these provide storage and security with a screening to shelter from any wind or rain, these shelters also double up to house motorbikes and have adjustment on the feet to allow for on-site positioning.

Cycle compounds are the top end of the market place with facilities to house an impressive 48 bikes, fitted with a UV resistant opaque polycarbonate curved roof like something you would see on grand designs these are used for companies that employ thousands of staff on site and often find that staff

make a pact to cycle from work with a colleague and it’s a great way to unwind and catch up on the day’s events and a great way to bond outside of the work place.

The world today is becoming increasingly faster with technology and pace of modern day life so yes I can see why more businesses are putting in place bike racks and shelters for their staff, it makes perfect sense and the benefits to both employer and employee, so maybe if you do have a bike and are thinking about dusting down saddle but most certainly want to avoid the lycra, maybe ask your boss if he would consider fitting a bike rack outside so you have somewhere secure to leave your bike each day.

Enjoy the fresh air, keep safe and thanks for reading.



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