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Safeguarding your assets

What assets have you got to protect - and how will you protect them?

Author: Sharon Ensbury/18 March 2015/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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We recently posted about the importance of safely storing hazardous materials to protect your most important asset, your employees. However, if you’re running a business with its own office or warehouse, you also have other assets worth protecting. Tools, computer equipment, warehouse contents, employee or workplace vehicles and sensitive documents are just some of the items that can be found at most businesses, not to mention the premises themselves.


There are a number of ways to increase your security on site. A digital lock with access code restricts entry, while sufficient lighting around doorways and in outdoor areas can also deter opportunistic thieves. Mesh security cages are useful indoors and out for a variety of storage uses while, if you have a private car park, installing bollards, dummy CCTV cameras and boom gate entry are all ways to discourage criminal activity and unauthorised access to the area.


Simple steps such as confirming all doors and windows are locked before leaving the building at night, checking your car doors and windows are closed and locked before leaving the vehicle unattended and keeping sensitive documents in locked cabinets or file boxes are also easily implemented ways of improving security. In addition, installing a decent alarm system and changing the password regularly will help in keeping your building contents safe.

Tools are often a target for thieves – they are portable, hold their value and can easily be sold on. Lockable tool vaults for your workplace or in your car are a simple deterrent, keeping the tools out of sight. Computers and associated hardware and software should also be secured where possible, not just by locking the building or office in which they are housed, but also by making sure they are password protected. That way, even if you are unlucky enough to have equipment stolen, it becomes far more difficult for anyone to access personal or sensitive information you may have on file.

Finally, keep your employees informed. Set up security procedures to be followed at open and close of business and then implement them with your team.  Once your staff are aware of security procedures and how to perform them correctly they can do so with confidence, keeping themselves and the business safe.

None of us like to think of a world where others may come and take what is ours. But it is an unfortunate reality, so taking simple steps to protect your assets, both in and out of the workplace, can make all the difference. Speak to Action Handling about our range of security accessories, locking vaults, mesh cages and parking accessories, and let us help you to make your workplace secure. Please contact our sales team.
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