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Moving your home or business

Top tips from Action Handling

Author: Sharon Ensbury/07 April 2015/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, Furnishing premises

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packing to move

Moving, whether it’s your home or your business, is a prospect that strikes fear into the hearts of most of us. Relocating a business from one office or warehouse to another is an operation that requires a great deal of organisation and forward planning, as well as co-operation by all involved to ensure the day runs smoothly.

But don’t despair! We’ve rounded up a few tips to (hopefully) make the experience a more streamlined one:

  1. Plan ahead
    Plan, plan, plan. We cannot emphasize this enough. Regular meetings with staff leading up to the move ensures they are aware of their responsibilities, while familiarising yourself with the new premises layout will make for an easier transition on the day. Allow yourself enough time to make all the arrangements you need.
  2. Involve employees
    Perhaps they are to pack up their own work area, or have tasks delegated to help make everything run smoothly. Part of the planning process involves using all the resources to hand.
  3. Only move essential items
    If your new workplace is already furnished or has storage units in place, make sure that all employees are aware of their new workplace capacity, so they only pack exactly what they need. All other items, such as excess paper or materials, can be disposed of as part of the lead up to the move.
  4. Keep communicating
    Make sure your employees are aware of all that will happen leading up to and on the day of the move. Also, keeping suppliers and clients in the loop means they will be aware of your situation and able to work with you through the disruption. Finally, letting them know when you’re in the new premises is a nice way of involving them in your business, as is holding a ‘housewarming’ to invite them to your new digs.
  5. Notifications
    Utilities need to be notified in time so that you can transition seamlessly from one space to another without a break in service. Printing new stationery ahead of time means your team can continue to work as normal.
  6. Pre-purchase packing supplies
    Making sure you have enough supplies on hand in the lead up to the move makes for less panic on the day. Boxes, tape, packing fillers and furniture labels are all indispensible parts of the moving process. Making sure everything is clearly labelled will ensure it arrives in the correct area on the day.

Finally, relax. If you’ve planned ahead, made sure everyone is aware of what to do and when to do it, you can move with confidence.

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