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ActionPost July 2017

Shutdown - Friendly Reminder

Author: Dee Jones/27 July 2017/Categories: ACTIONPOST NEWSLETTERS, 2017

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Action This Month
Lightweight Tapered Fibreboard Box
Our custom size fibreboard trolleys are literally rolling off the production line. We show the nesting version in our catalogue however, we don't stop there! If our customer's want more, then we shall provide more. Bespoke straight sided fibreboard box trollies delivered to site and in use as we speak. We have very happy customers. Yipee. 
Summer Shutdown
What is a Shutdown
A shutdown is a scheduled closure within a company so that improvements can be made to carry out work on premises & facilities for an extended period of time. During this time, work schedules may have to be modified, special equipment may have to be rented and contractors may have to be hired to fill additional labour requirements and special operations. While this work is carried out workers may be required to take annual leave.
Use your shutdown wisely
Do you need any installations, machinery repairs or servicing to be completed while your company is on shutdown?
Now's the time to do it. 
If you have any lifting equipment on site that needs servicing during this time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our engineers can come on site, service and repair your goods all in a days work. Don't forget it's a legal requirement.
Give our friendly sales team a call to see how we can help - 01279 724989
As a friendly heads up
Please make sure you are aware of any shutdown periods when liaising with your clients and suppliers anytime around the months of July/August, and just clarify with them if this is a procedure that might affect your business. Lead times may be affected, so please check prior to ordering.
Aluminium Bridging Tower
The bespoke tower has a 4.2m clear span between the two climbing towers and an adjustable height platform with a 5m top height. The entire system fully complies with BS health and safety regulations. When fire engines require cleaning or maintenance, the bespoke tower is manoeuvred into place with the vehicle parked under the arch. This gives personnel complete access to both sides and the roof of the fire engine with a vastly reduced possibility of falling, slipping, dropping tools or property damage.
We Have A Youtube Channel....
Want to see a range of our products in motion... Look no further. We have uploaded a large range of product videos. Take a look for yourself. 
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