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Working at height with personnel access platforms

Easy, safe operation for just one operative

Author: Dee Jones/07 September 2017/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Safety when working at height

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two operatives at a time

Do you know that there are Egyptian tombs and Mesolithic sites with symbolic representations showing that ladders were being used around the world some 10,000 years ago according to the most recent archaeological evidence! I reckon I might have one of these ladders in my garden shed but then that’s another story altogether!

So, clearly we haven`t moved on much in recent years have we, or so you may think … because obviously the Egyptians were not lucky enough to have personnel access platforms to hand!

These clever little devices are the way ahead for small maintenance and manual handling at height tasks. No longer should your workers or maintenance staff have to totter on top of a rickety old ladder … even the ones that have been inspected and have passed your rigorous equipment testing procedures. No more do you need to rely on 'Harry’ or 'Bert’ to hold the ladder for you!

Personnel access platforms have been designed for all manner of uses in factories, warehouses, shops, offices and public areas such as hospitals, hotels and shopping centres. They are constructed to be `standalone` items of equipment and as such require no additional person to ensure safety access.

The main added advantage is that these platforms can be moved around from point to point then raised and lowered by the operative whilst standing on the platform at the required height. There is no need to climb up anything, just stand on the platform and raise the platform electronically. Some models can even hold two operatives at a time which is a real benefit for tasks that involve the use of more than one person.

The personnel platforms are light and very easy to use, yet they are designed so that the user(s) will feel super confident in the stability of the equipment and it will soon become apparent that they can be manoeuvred into tight areas and spaces that otherwise would not be accessible.

self propelled platform

Sometimes workers will need to move the platform from and around various multiple task points and there would be nothing more frustrating than having to constantly lower the platform and then manually move the platform to the next point. Well, that is also a thing of the past because the self-propelled models are available for such jobs. The working height of these platforms can extend up to 5m high with a platform loading of 300kg.

aerial platform

There are several other personnel platform models all with different features and operator benefits. Some of these can even extend up to a massive working height of 14.29m which gives amazing flexibility for the completion of very high work tasks.



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