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Author: Sharon Ensbury/22 April 2015/Categories: PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Stock storage

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We’ve written previously about workplace storage, and how an efficient, well-organised system can boost productivity as well as improve your work environment. Now let’s delve a little deeper. Providing correct storage for each item is part of safe materials handling, which is where our range of steel handling racks come into play.

Steel handling racks can be configured to suit a wide variety of items, from steel and copper tubing to rolls of vinyl adhesive, as well as timber lengths and storage canisters. But did you realise that providing the correct type of storage, stacking and handling is part of your responsibility under health and safety legislation? Accidents caused by improper storage or lack of training occur every year, so it’s vital to ensure that not only is there a proper system in place, but that staff are also trained in the correct procedures for retrieval and storage. Items need to be secured in such a way that they cannot roll, tip or collapse, and the storage structure needs to be properly constructed to withstand any possible shock or expected load. The floor surface also needs to be checked, that it can safely support the load in place as well as providing a level, stable area for staff access to the storage unit.

At Action Handling, we stock a variety of different steel handling racks. The vertical bar storage racks feature heavy-duty steel construction and are perfect for bar, angle or tube materials. Steel wall racks are suited to canister storage, while our selection of steel trolleys and tote pan racks can be used for a variety of uses. Our steel cantilever rack system has been designed to provide cost effective storage of long and awkwardly shaped items. Frames are available in three heights and two depths as either single or double-sided configurations, giving you the flexibility to design a storage system that suits your needs.

Finally, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, our bespoke steel construction service can create what you need. With over forty years working with different businesses across the materials handling industry, we have the experience and know-how to assess your situation and provide a solution. One example would be the drum storage unit we created for an Essex-based power company. They required a storage unit that was secure and strong enough to store steel drums containing hazardous substances – Action Handling designed, constructed and provided a fully lockable steel shelving unit with sliding doors and fitted sump drains, with a specialised paint finish to comply with health and safety and environmental regulations.


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