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An organised workspace

Keeping employees happy

Author: Dee Jones/13 September 2017/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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We’ve written previously about the positive effects of having an organised workplace and how effective storage can contribute to productivity. Employee well-being is becoming more of a focus for many companies, with fluid employment markets and increased opportunities meaning businesses need to do more to attract and retain the best employees for the job.

A dedicated employee area featuring safe storage is one way to keep staff happy. If your business is one where not all employees have their own desks, fitting out a small area with lockers and storage facilities is not only a good way to stay organised, it also has the added benefit of peace of mind for the workforce when storing their personal items. Some other items to consider might be a communal white board for messages, and maybe a bench area if shoes or other clothing need to be changed.

There is a large range of lockers suited to a variety of uses and settings to pick from. Standard locker systems are perfect for storing personal items securely during work hours, while bench systems, clothes rails and hooks are also available to make the space even more effective. Work wear combi lockers have a space to store work clothing separately from other items, eliminating the risk of cross contamination, while our heavy duty plastic locker system can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving you more options when it comes to creating employee space. Mesh lockers and clear faced lockers allow for secure storage while still being able to see the items inside, while specially designed disability lockers have a lower profile for easy accessibility.

When designing a single workspace, consider the amount of storage you or your employee will need. Effective storage can be defined as that which holds all essential items, leaving as much desk space clear as possible. The onus then rests on the occupant to consider what they need to keep and get rid of the rest, rather than jamming it all into a cupboard. Lots of storage is not always the best way forward, especially if it’s not kept organised.

With so many options to choose from, there really is no excuse for not creating a secure, well-designed personal space in your office or warehouse.


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