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Keeping an organised storeroom

Help increase productivity

Author: Dee Jones/14 September 2017/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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We all know that it doesn’t take much for an organised and tidy stockroom to quickly become a mess. When things get busy, it’s sometimes easier to cut corners and go back later – however, leaving stock, empty cardboard boxes, packaging and numerous other items lying around can seriously impact on the efficiency and safety of your storage area.

If this is happening on a regular basis, perhaps it’s time to assess your current storage requirements and make any necessary changes to improve your business.

A good way to keep your stockroom spic and span:

  • Start by removing everything from your storeroom, taking care to batch similar products together as you go.
  • Assess your shelving, racking and storage boxes to decide if anything new is required.
  • Use this opportunity to thoroughly clean the stockroom whilst empty. 

Once the storeroom has been cleaned and shelving requirements assessed:

  • Store smaller items together in plastic storage boxes or containers.
  • Make sure to label everything clearly.
  • Designate specific areas for groups of products, storing related products within easy reach of each other.
  • Popular products should be close to hand. Less favoured items can be stored away in less accessible areas.
  • Keep an area clear for the temporary storage of incoming stock.
  • Keep an inventory sheet to help staff locate items quickly and easily.

Keeping storerooms tidy, could lead to higher productivity with less time spent on searching for items and over-ordering of misplaced stock.


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