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ActionPost February 2018

All the gear ... and the idea!

Author: Dee Jones/22 February 2018/Categories: ACTIONPOST NEWSLETTERS, 2018

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Newbie In The Making
Jon's Site Visit - Direct Mail System

Back in September 2017 Jonathan Ball attended a site visit requested by one of our loyal customers. They wanted us to create a new trolley to help with improving their picking system. This started with an order coming to the operator via a phone headset, picking the goods from the conveyor system, then allocating the order box before transferring it to a trolley. 
Jon carried out a time & method study observing the current trolleys in use by walking through the system with them step by step in order to see the process on the shop floor and also to see the physical barriers encountered on site. Jon studied the boxes used during the picking system, how they needed to be placed and accessed, and all the other elements that needed to be taken on board.
After analysing the situation fully Jon got designing. After the trial model was made, and a few changes were made here and there, he was set and the process of making the final design has been initiated.... exciting!  We will keep you posted with the progress and the finished product can be viewed soon.

Do you have a design issue and are in need of a site visit?
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Do you Remember This...?

Do you remember this from last months newsletter? Our bespoke cylinder trailer for the NHS just as we were calibrating the brake to make sure it’s nice and secure and then it was off to be painted....

Well look at it now. Fresh from paint, and with the containers now in place. We have some very excited customers. - Enquire Here for Steel Fabrication
Laptop storage lockers
How to keep laptops safe and charged

As laptops need to be moved from room to room or site to site, having a secure place to store them is a fantastic and cost effective way to keep company or personal property safe. Storage lockers can be used purely for storage without the additional cost of a fitted power supply too, which makes them ideal for many types of businesses or organisations, such as:
Schools and universities
Construction sites
Gym/fitness classes
As you can see, the laptop locker can be used in many diverse environments. Specifically designed for laptops and having a slim, stylish look but an incredibly small footprint, makes them the ideal solution to the question of how best to keep laptops safe and helps to elevate any worry about losing this most valuable of assets.
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Want to see a range of our products in motion... Look no further. We have uploaded a large range of product videos. Take a look for yourself. 
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