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How industrial premises can play their part in lowering carbon emissions in 2018 and beyond

Doing your bit for a cleaner planet

Author: Dee Jones/07 March 2018/Categories: WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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co2 emissions

Through the Climate Change Act, the UK government has committed to reducing emissions by 80% of the levels they were in 1990, by the year 2050. In order for this target to be achieved, businesses and industry are being encouraged to replace high-carbon investments with greener alternatives when the opportunity arises. We have compiled some ways in which some factories, warehouses and other industrial workplaces can make positive and greener changes, which not only help with lowering carbon emissions but also help save money long-term. .

Consider replacing LPG or diesel forklifts with electric models

When any diesel or LPG-powered forklifts you run in your workplace are coming to the end of their life, perhaps consider replacing them with rechargeable electric-powered modals if appropriate.
Electric forklifts often have lower maintenance/servicing costs due to having fewer moving parts, and, subject to the cost of electricity, are usually significantly cheaper to run than those using the other types of fuel. 
With zero emissions and very little operating noise, they can make a big difference to the working environment and so are ideally suited to indoor operation.

Generate your own green energy

solar panels

For owned or long-leased industrial premises, the installation of a solar PV and battery system on, and in, appropriate buildings can be a great way to generate green electricity that can be used for all manner of different applications in this type of environment. With many having large expanses of roof space, industrial buildings can be ideally suited to this kind of installation.
If you have electric forklifts, they can also be recharged using your own solar energy when they’re not in use, and the use of a battery system means this, or any other use of the solar power generated, can happen after dark as well as when the sun is up. 

Encourage employees to drive EVs by installing workplace EV chargers

If you have parking on site for your workers, the introduction of some EV charging spaces can play a big part in encouraging employees to switch to electric vehicles themselves. The vehicles can even be charged using your own solar-generated electricity if you also have a solar pv system in place.

Install LED lighting in place of older, inefficient bulbs

Lasting up to ten times as long as traditional lightbulbs and using far less energy to light the same space, LED lighting is the most straightforward way to start making an instant impact on both energy bills and the environment.

Utilise manual stackers and pallet trucks for smaller or lighter loads

boxes on pallet truck

Rather than using a forklift or other mechanised equipment to handle even small or light loads, the appropriate manual handling equipment, such as trucks and trolleys, can be used to get the job done, without any machinery or fuel usage whatsoever. For moving smaller loads over short distance, there is no other method that’s as low-carbon.

Use speed shutters/doors

In a busy warehouse or similar environment, with outside access in frequent use, it can seem counter-intuitive to install shutters for use throughout operating hours. However, high-speed shutters can help minimise heat loss and help save money on energy bills, can offer more control over temperature, and can reduce noise and odour pollution in the surrounding area too. Opening very quickly and designed for very frequent use, unlike many traditional shutters, they generally don’t cause delay when it comes to building access.
For advice on manual handling equipment that can help your business to cut down your carbon footprint, contact Action Handling on 01279 724989 today.


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