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How your fork lift truck can help with maintenance and repairs

A money saving tip!

Author: Dee Jones/18 July 2018/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Safety when working at height , WORKPLACE ADVICE, Gain elevation

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fork lift platform

Traditionally we always associate that the work of a fork lift truck or stacker truck is confined to lifting palletised loads on and off from delivery vehicles on to pallet racking or direct to the shop floor. Whilst it is true that this is their primary function, we at Action Handling Equipment encourage customers to view their lifting trucks as a much more versatile tool than just that.

Any businesses that have a factory, warehouse or assembly site will know that many maintenance and repair tasks have to be carried out at regular intervals to ensure the safe and continued operation of that area. Often this work can entail the need to apply a workforce at raised points around the site to carry out the required tasks. Fork lift trucks and stacker trucks can be used to lift a simple access platform to many of those raised points with ease. Access platforms (dependent on the model) can be used to safely raise one or two workers plus their tools to the required point. They are designed to securely lock on to the existing forks of the lifting truck and then they can be lifted or lowered just as would a pallet in the trucks normal mode of operation. There are several sizes and styles of access platforms available to suit your individual application. They can also be fitted with a large range of optional equipment like safety harnesses, tool trays, clip board holders, strip light bulb holders and a castor base that will enable the platform to be very easily moved around when it is not mounted on the fork lift truck.

fork lift platform

There is even a folding access platform model that can be used and then folded away to be stored when not in use. This provides good space saving and also means that the platform is less susceptible to damage when not being used. Access platforms have a capacity up to 250kg and are completely safe in operation because they are either fitted with a hinged safety door, lift up safety access bar or retaining device that keeps the workers securely inside the cage until they operate the exit mechanisms.

No longer is there a need to use additional bulky and sometimes very expensive access equipment like cherry pickers, access towers or scaffolding. The access platforms can be invaluable when carrying out simple tasks: 

  • fitting lamps
  • lights maintenance
  • attending to ducting
  • inspecting roofing
  • electrical installations

Please always check the specifications of your fork lift truck or stacker before using it in conjunction with an access platform to ensure that it complies with HSE current regulations. Sometimes you may need to extend the length of the forks on your lifting truck in order to have the required length of fork to carry the platform. This can be achieved with some fork extensions to fit over your existing forks, thus providing the additional required length of forks.


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