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We just love to moan about it … the British weather!

But it's time for businesses' to develop strategic planning for it

Author: Dee Jones/22 August 2018/Categories: HEALTH & SAFETY, Creating safe working conditions, PRODUCT GUIDANCE, Site improvements, WORKPLACE ADVICE, A safe, clean environment

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heat stroke

Were you prepared when the temperatures soared? 

Why is it that UK companies never quite seem to get ahead with extreme weather planning? In the latest heat wave, suppliers across the country ran out of fans, air conditioning units, water coolers and even cold drink machines. To avoid this happening again, Action Handling advise their clients to put in place a strategic plan to cover all the seasons and all the possible extreme weather problems that can happen.

There are plenty of answers and advice on the HSE workplace temperature website 


Some things to consider:

pool in skip

Some people took drastic steps to keep cool!

dog lying on ice

Whilst others just chilled out!

A strategic plan can be conveniently split into the four seasons. Your employees and colleagues need to be considered and your plan needs to be flexible because as we all know, our weather doesn't always follow any exact patterns! Equipment may need to be purchased or at least scheduled for purchase in good time.
Notorious for ‘leaves on the line’ situations! Your premises and sites may need to be cleared from the advent of falling leaves. A suitable range of equipment is available to deal with this.
The bad weather season can mean that provisions should be made for snow clearance, gritting of walkways and paths and even for the securing of goods that could fall foul to high winds. If it can move, strap it down!
The season that has the highest levels of rain and floodwater. Be prepared to handle those floods and spills. So don't be complacent, you might get washed away!
As we have seen recently, when temperatures soar to 30° centigrade and above, careful consideration needs to be given to temperature sensitive equipment and employees alike.
Sensible businesses plan for the unexpected, so don't be caught out when the weather turns again because you could lose out if supplies run dry!

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